Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Twin Peaks Mini Collection

With the long awaited  (26 years) season 3 Twin Peaks series released this Monday, we have paid homage to David Lynch's greatest piece of work by creating an inspired mini jewellery collection.  

I will admit that I am relatively new to Twin Peaks fandom myself. However I recall my parents talking about it non stop when I was younger. They lived for it weekly on channel 2 really late at night, none of their friends watched it, they thought it was 'weird' and didn't get it. I remember when it got cancelled, they were devastated. I desperately wanted to watch with them, log ladies, a man who talked backwards, owls, what could be more intriguing? But they said I was too young to watch. They did let me watch X Files a few years later, I guess because it was campy and you could sort of predict when Mulder or Scully were going to get into japes with the monster of the week, and my Mum would cover my eyes for any dodgy bits. But Lynch's unpredictability meant Twin Peaks was not suitable watching for 7 year old me. 

Twin Peaks was never repeated on UK TV, so when I was able to buy DVDs there was always something preferable to spend my money on. Plus I assumed (wrongly) it might not have aged very well, so I put it off until those early days of Netflix.  I think it was one of the first things I watched maybe 6 or 7 years ago and I binged in less than a week. Then I walked to HMV to try and get Fire Walk With Me, but they didn't have it. So I tried to get it on Amazon, and all the other online places. Nowhere had it? In the end I borrowed someones ancient warped VHS. It didn't matter because it was honestly one of the scariest things I have ever seen in my life and I was hooked. It lived up to every expectation I had ever had since I was 7 years old. 

There are lots of iconic things about Twin Peaks that I could have done, or have been done like cherry pie, coffee, owls,  blue roses, logs even, but for me everything builds up to the lodge. It is so built up that the mere thought of it makes me feel a bit ill. And the sign. Oh I have stared at that sign for ages, I think everything about it is perfect, the colour palette, the simplicity, it is so iconic

Keeping the above in mind, I made this mini collection with the idea that it would be wearable all the time and not a glaringly obvious homage to Lynch's masterpiece, but at the same time if you want to point out that it is, I hope that people will be able to recognise that straight away.  I shall leave you with this, the great words of Agent Dale Cooper 

"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men's store, a catnap in your office chair or two cups of good hot black coffee."

The collection is available here, and you can watch season 3 this Monday 22nd May on Sky Atlantic or Now TV.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I recently read this really good article by Jenna Wortham on how the internet hadn't killed Zines, when by rights it probably should had, and I got to thinking about all the incredible women I know who make them. So Today being international women day,  I wanted to share with you some incredible women and their Zines. What is a Zine you might ask me? A Zine is a self published, self made, self put together (I mean you are stapling all those pages till your hand cramps) pamphlet /booklet mini magazine on, well, just about anything you like! I have been involved in making Zines since I was 15 way back when I used to interview boys in super serious bands for local band Zines and ask them stupid questions about soaps and completely ignore anything to do with their guitar pedals or actual music. I guess that is why I never made it as a music journalist.

Bloody Hell

Soofiya describes herself on twitter as a 'Graphic Designer & Illustrator' but also as 'Anarcho-trash. and Hijabi punk scum' which is up there with some of the best twitter bio I have ever seen. In 2015 Soofiya created Bloody Hell, the period Zine. Bloody Hell is collaborative Zine about periods which includes written pieces about experiences , art work, drawings and information about menstruation. 

Soofiya wanted to create Bloody Hell because talking about periods is so often 'dominated by the experiences of cis white women' and also to break the taboo of what is all so often seen as a shameful subject. Soofiya crowdfunded Bloody Hell so that it could be made into something incredibly special printed on high quality paper, that came with little gifts and a launch party(!). Soof also designed this incredible ring that we then laser cut for her. 

This is my favourite Zine I own and as someone who has PCOs and Endometriosis and has been on contraceptives since she was 13, I wish so much this had been around when I was a teenager. 

Bloody Hell Zine is on its second edition and can be bought here.  Soofiya has also created a new Zine called Radical Softness 'a feminist poetry pocketbook. With poems about self-love, PTSD, DV, resistance, swimming and gardens' and can be bought here. Why not check out the rest of Soofiyas etsy shop too?

Dump Him/Don't Dump Him

I have known Kirby on Twitter for a while now, but I feel like our paths should have crossed at Harrow Skate Park or some post hardcore gig somewhere else in North London 15 years ago. She is incredible and has become, hands down, one of my favourite people in the world. 

Last year Kirby posted the iconic Britney Dump Him T-Shirt image and asked if anyone would like to make a Zine with her based around the idea. Kirby says that it was really just a laugh but she had such an overwhelming response of people submitting pieces, telling her 'how cathartic they found the process, getting out words they always wanted to about a situation they're no longer in' that Dump Him Zine was made. After some consideration, Kirby decided to make the Zine an equal Dump Him/Don't Dump him (hey we all need some hope and inspiration).

Kirby also designed not one, but two exclusive pins to accompany the Dump Him Zine and I have had the privilege to see one of them early and it is GOOD. Both myself and our Sister site Bimbo Movie Bash contributed to Dump Him Zine, but I am not revealing which is my submission! You should go buy this Zine right now, and you can do so with or without the pins here.

Portions of the sales of Dump Him Zine will go to Sisters Uncut who are an activist group who use direct action to help stop cuts to domestic violence services across the country, and also Off the Record, a mental health support and information service for young people in Bristol.


Most of you will know Vanessa by her alias Sarcastathon, a formidable force on the internet. Last night my Mum asked me how I knew her and I had to admit that she was the coolest internet indie it girl of the early 00s, a true Camden hero and that the fact that we whatsapp each other daily now is somewhat amazing to me. 

Vanessa has created Waves as what she calls a Chapbook (which I reckon is a Zine but who am I to tell an artist what their work is!). Waves is about 'love, loss, surgery, and trying to put yourself together in a time of trauma.' I am not here to tell Vanessa's story but I think if you want to know more about a single poor working class woman navigating through what most people would never dream of doing alone then this is the Zine for you. Vanessa's writing is so beautiful and moving, every time she sends me anything to read I am incredibly moved and I am so jealous she articulates how I feel and can never put down in words about things from food to sex. 

Waves also comes with an exclusive pin (these Zine people are REALLY spoiling you!) and can be bought here

Burnt Roti 

OK so this is not a Zine,  however, as I truly believe that making a Zine is all about DIY, hard work and slogging your guts out to produce a beautiful piece of work, often on your own, then Burnt Roti deserves to be in this post. Sharan  wanted to 'give South Asians a platform to talk about and showcase talent' and Burnt Roti is not only in print, but also an online magazine and has its own youtube platform as well. After crowdfunding and lots of self confessed panic and stressing Issue 1 has just been released. You can buy back issues, fridge magnets and badges here! 

Special mentions 

Siobhan: If/When Siobhan releases her swearing Granny Zine I will want to deconstruct it and frame every single page. Creating Zines about her work and Brighton she has so much talent it makes me sick to be honest. Check out her shop here. Kirsty: All her Zines on being poor/fat/queer/working class are sold out but honestly nothing else has ever spoken to me more, keep an eye out on her shop and at fairs. Gross Up Close: Robyn is working on a Hackers Zine currently and needs submissions go and check it out.

There are literally hundreds of women making Zines out there, and workshops on how to do them. If you aren't confident in doing your own then why not contribute to one to get going? 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Valentines Collection 2017

I wanted to go full on cheese with the Valentines collection, with an teen 80's ~dare I say~ software vibe. When someone says Valentines day when you are 16, and you conjure up all these tacky images?Well seeing this Lookbook in all its glory I think I achieved it. Fizzy rosé wine complete with cork and glittery holographic fizz. Gaudy heart shaped box of chocolates, with huge bow, but they are dark chocolate not milk, so probably inedible. Finally some forecourt roses in mirror earring form. Pink or red you choose.

I think that's everything? Maybe except the cheap card shop cuddly toy, but you just end up burning it with the remnants of that relationships, photos, cinema tickets, your first condom wrapper, and other weird stuff you kept. Or if you weren't a pyromaniac like my mates and me, your Mum makes you keep it and you put it in the loft and it gets mouldy and damp. Hey ho.  

Friday, 20 January 2017

Makelight Taster Course: Day 1

When I first started BHC, I was very focused on organic growth and the idea that filling peoples timelines with my products was bad and would turn people off. wrong. I also thought that distancing myself from the brand would be a good thing, also wrong. On the social media side of things I did basic SEO research but nothing focused on the creative side, and just relied on my knack for being semi decent at it all. It is safe to say that nearly 4 years on I have learned some lessons.  

I wouldn't say that I am bad at social media, and I am not being totally self deprecating, I have achieved a lot, but the thing is I know I could be doing better. If I look at Twitter for example I feel like I have that cracked, especially when I hear a lot of people say they find it the hardest one to do. I have a lot of interaction, likes and retweets on a per tweet basis and my impressions are... impressive. However I do seem to have plateaued on the follower count a bit, and I would like to get some new followers there, but I am not hugely worried about it. If we take a look at my Facebook however well lets just say I am pretty close to ending it all there as no matter what I do I cannot get any interaction, likes or traffic. But its really very little effort to just repost whatever I put on twitter or instagram, on the off chance someone messages me once a month for a sale. 

One of my more instagramy photos 

Then we arrive at Instagram. Ah, Instagram, why don't you like me? Despite my photography being semi decent, all the hashtags and posting all different times of day for coming up to 4 years, I only have 5000 followers and roughly 100 likes per post, and if I am being honest that hasn't really changed in 2 years. Instagram is my measuring stick for everything too. I regularly check my competitors follow count against my own, I measure how well a new piece goes down on likes there,  how many comments it receives, I don't even take into account what happens on the other platforms. I get a lot of traffic from Instagram, so I know it is important to keep it up. So why don't I get the love I deserve? Is it because I don't curate my feed? I think my photos individually are good, it is just sometimes a bit hodgepodge on there. Occasionally there have been times that I have semi curated it, and it appeared to have worked in ways of more likes and more followers or I pyschologically tricked myself into believe it had. Either way, I was more at peace with my situation.

Problem is, that is quite a lot of work to keep up and I do not have the eye for perfect flat lays, or the staging area? Where do you go to learn how to do this? I cannot even remember what I was looking at, but Makelight popped up and I thought hey you know what, it is the new year, I got a bit of free time so I might give this a go. They offer a 5 day free course on how to make your Instagram a better place for business, blogger or personal.  So I will cover the 5 free parts of the course over blog posts for you to show you how I get on.

A big fave on instagram, marble background, pins, when I am doing it right! 

Makelight asked me firstly to write down my answers to all these questions, and then question those answers some more and keep probing until I get to the root of the problem or question. In fact they suggested asking why '5 times' although I am going to say I don't think these questions are that deep so I haven't done them five times, but I did answer honestly.

What are you mainly using Instagram for at the moment?

To promote My jewellery business. Why (x1) Because I believe IG to be a good social media tool to showcase my goods. Why (x2) Because it is image based and my jewellery is pretty much image based? Why (x3) Because it is?

What do you like about your Instagram stream?
That sometimes it is colourful and fun, and that it shows off my best work to customers, the small business community etc. (Why x1) This isn't a why question

What do you want to use your Instagram stream to achieve?
To showcase my skills, work and products in a aesthetically pleasing way, and overall to create revenue for my business. Why? x1 I think we know the answer here!

What is the audience that you want to attract?
People who are interested in design, jewellery, fashion, small businesses, and who are likely to want to spend their disposable income in my store Why? x1 Again so I can run a successful and profitable business!

A photo I did on the hop that I wasn't expecting to go down very well, but got LOADS of likes?!

OK, so that was easier than I anticipated. I think really that was for people who post holiday pictures and pet pictures with their business pictures and maybe thats not for the best? I know my goals here. Makelight then asks me to take a picture of my current Instagram stream so we can do a before and after. Now I know that things on the stream are in a bit of a state. Its January sales, I don't have a lot of new content at the moment, and in fact the reason things are in the sale is because they are old, I don't sell a lot of them anymore, and I don't even really like a lot of the designs anymore. I have evolved. So this isn't really typical of my stream. I won't cheat, but I will do a when I really like it and it had some sense or organisation and uniformity, and what is happening right now for you. 

One of my better months

How it looks today

I really liked it when there was a mix of lilacs, reds and whites. Today there is just mishmash and I don't like it. I think that I would like to curate a more colourful feed than just white and marble really, that is more fitting to my brand?

Lastly, Makelight ask you to do a short exercise, which I assumed would be do a flat lay or something but it was actually just answering some questions honestly about your photography and what you aim to get out the course. There is also a Facebook community which I will join, and the option for some paid courses which I am going to check out. I am excited to see what the next sessions bring! In the mean time, I am going to try and curate my feed with consistent pictures using bright backgrounds and see what happens. You can follow my Instagram here, and be sure to leave your links below in the comments and I will follow back! 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year New BHC

I will be honest with you, I was totally inspired by Designosaurs blog post on small business new year resolutions, so rather than totally ripping it off, lets say this post is heavily inspired by it *shifty eyes emoji* When you start your business they tell you to have a business plan, and to keep updating it, so it's a 'living and breathing document' and to keep goals fresh and exciting, and despite 'New Year New You' being a huge cliche, I think it is a good time to renew these ideas. You are probably more inclined to welcome change, and come up with new ideas and have more time and patience to implement them into your working life. So here are my 2017 plans

I started off doing this in 2016 really well, however I became really unwell last year and certain things went out the window. I was doing a few posts a week including the interview with a small business which I super enjoyed doing, thinking back I was probably stretching myself a bit too thin with two or three posts a week, so I am going to set achievable goals. One post per week and make one of those post into the series of small business interviews of one per month! 

This is a big one because if there is one thing I despise doing it is photo shoots, but if there is one thing I hate more, it is poor quality photos on the site. I really got into doing photo concept shoots and look books so that is something I am going to continue this year too. 

Currently BHC is only stocked with the awesome Gimme Flair over in the states, but I would like to try some other avenues, maybe some local shops and online stores too? This one is quite scary for me, but I think it can only be a good thing.

If you asked for a commissioned piece last year, then chances are I might have turned you down. Time was limited for me for a number of reasons and often commissions are very time consuming, however much I enjoy them. So this year, I will be opening commissions once a month and setting a period in which to do them. 

In January last year, we launched monthly subscription boxes. However in December I decided that after a year it wasn't particularly working for BHC as a business anymore. There will be a blog post on this in more depth and more about the four bigger boxes I plan to do this year too which will have ready made exclusive pieces and maybe pins, patches, prints and hand selected pieces from other makers? 

Now I am not doing the subscription boxes I have more time to concentrate on new pieces, so rather than my usual two main collections, I am hoping to do three or four in addition to Christmas and Halloween, plus pins, patches maybe even some apparel? Also collaborate with some more people.

This is probably the most important one for me. I often have cool ideas for pieces but never get round to doing them fast enough and then someone else does them and I will look like a cheap and nasty copy cat. So if I think something might be an exciting piece, or want to jump on a trend but get worried about it, I should push that feeling to the side and just go for it. 

Those are my resolutions and now they are in print and out on the world wide web, I guess I have to hold myself to them, which was kind of the point! I would love to know any other small businesses resolutions, hit me up with them and I will link them below. 

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Visiting Kiehl's at The Mall Cribbs Causeway

This post is in collaboration with Kiehl's 

I am one burned out business woman, let alone burned out blogger. Fear not this is not my '2016 has kicked my butt' round up post (that is coming though) but rather an out of the blue beauty blog post. I honestly thought these days were behind me, and I miss them as I felt like they had no place in my new business blogging world, but as many have pointed out to me recently, I am a very important part of what makes the BHC brand, so maybe some more in the future? Who can say.

Kiehl's, very kindly saw that I had been, lets say, 'not taking care of myself as well as I should have been' during the Christmas period and asked if I would like to come in to their new counter at The Mall Cribbs Causeway for a bit of a pamper session and consultation. To be honest I did wonder where I would fit in any time away from the workshop but if you don't stop to take care of yourself sometimes you will honestly burn yourself out into a dry husk and not be able to continue full stop. 

Jess the skincare consultant started by testing my face to see what kind of skin I had with these little pads. Turns out my forehead is a bit oily and the rest of my face is combination, which I sort of already knew. None of the other consultations I have ever had before with other brands have ever done this so I felt pretty reassured and was nice to have it confirmed. We then went through my current skincare routine, which consists of a cream cleanser, glycol acid toner, serum, and I currently use Kiehls avocado eye cream and face moisturisers, and morning just micellar water and a serum. 

Jess recommended that I start with Kiehl's Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash, followed by the Calendula toner. The cleanser is a gel that you mix with water and it foams up, and if you watched my snapchat it worked, my hand was clean and it wasn't too harsh either, which you don't want with a cleanser. You follow this up with the toner which is very concentrated and has the Calendula flower petals in it. I found it really pleasant to use and it has no alcohol in which is very important, it is really hard to find an alcohol free toner (trust me I tried!)

We then moved on to Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate which I am all about, and a lightweight facial moisturiser called Rosa Artica which has a resurrection flower in, and is aimed at anti ageing. So these were two of my favourite products. I am looking for a pore refinisher/new serum as my cheek pores tend to be huge and probably not on the top of most peoples most troubling problems, they are one of my skin issues. I currently use a really heavy weight face moisturiser and it take a long time to skin in and sometimes I feel a bit greasy using it. Even with the pore concentrate on and then the Rose Artica my hand wasn't feel moist or weighed down. I am guessing that the pore tightening concentrate will take a while to see results, so will have to see it out. 

The Midnight recovery concentrate oil was 100% the best thing I was shown, and I hope will change my nighttime routine, because I am very lazy. Kiehl's claims that a cleanse, tone and a couple of drops of this is all you need at night and I am very sold on this. Jess did a tissue test to show me it leaves no greasy residue and I was sold you know. 

Jess then showed me some additional products like this Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque and Ultimate strength hand salve. Now I bought both of these products and used them that night. I am a huge clay mask person, nothing gives my face a proper cleanse like a good quality clay mask, and I know if it has done its job because I get a few very specific spots the day after, like you do a facial because all the crap in your skin has come out. I am very fussy about hand cream, and because I am constantly using my hands in the workshop making jewellery I need something akin to barrier cream to stop them being chapped, but cannot be too greasy and thick or take too long to sink in, and this seemed to do the trick. 

Overall my Kiehl's experience was great. They listened to what I had to say about my skin and what I liked and preferred and weren't overly pushy or overbearing with information. Their counters and staff are very welcoming but with this fun apothecary feel, but without it feeling like a quirk? The products I have used in the past of theirs have always been of a very high quality and I have never had any problems with them. I would highly recommend giving them a visit! 

Kiehl's very kindly gifted me three products and I chose Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening ConcentrateRosa Artica and the Midnight recovery concentrate oil. I purchased the clay mask and hand cream myself. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas Collection Launch 2016

I don't want a lot for Christmas,
there is just one thing I need... The new BHC Christmas collection!

I have eaten 2 tins of christmas biscuits, listened to Mariah on repeat, skipped some dinners, had fights with baubles but finally the Christmas collection is here! Continuing the Skandi theme from 2015, the Look Book is a dedication to Hygge with a warm, truly vintage feel. I tried to capture warm colours, and the vibrant feel of Christmas, whilst feeling a bit moody? Thats high concept at its most pretentious I reckon.
As well as bringing back some classics, I have added some new pieces, including a statement candy cane heart with a real working bell, holly leaf headband and for the first time some 3d tree ornaments! 
The 3D trees come as a set of three, and are flat packed. A perfect stylish addition to your Christmas decorations this year!
That bell on the candy cane heart necklace really rings! 
Our Skandi pieces come as brooches, and our ever popular snowflake earrings are back in 3 colours including pearlised!
The heart, bird and star are back in contrasting colours too, both in brooch and necklace form, you can choose from gold or silver chain as well! 
The sleigh necklace has had a small revamp and comes in 3 colours, and is always a firm fave with BHC fans! 
Christmas pudding has been resized so can be worn all day for those low key Christmas vibes 
In contrasting colours, this really is the statement piece of the collection. There is no denying you love Christmas when you are wearing this reindeer piece!
Why not just go all out and wear some holly on your head? Designed with comfort in mind, spread your festive cheer all day and night with this awesome headband 
There are lots more pieces on the site, and good ideas for secret santa and stocking fillers so go and an explore. Check out the rest of the Look Book here

Have a great weekend, we're having a chilled one playing games and eating lots of pasta before the Christmas rush properly hits! 
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