Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Motor sensational, Paris or maybe hell , I'm waiting

 My new A lad insane necklace

OK I need this.  I am pretty obsessed with acrylic necklaces anyway, but come on, a bowie one in his Aladdin Sane era?! I was checking etsy for awesome necklace ideas and stumbled across this beauty. I did just tell my mum in a very modern way that if i did not receive this for Christmas I would be violently sick on her kitchen floor in protest, on her facebook status.  (Please do not think me a brat but my mum asks me what i would like for Christmas at the end of august every year, and every year I don't have a clue.)

This particular iconic image is from the cover of David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" album.  My mum and her sister's room when they were teenagers was covered from the floor to the ceiling in bowie posters, and when I was younger and went to my nans house a lot of them were still there.  They had a huge poster of this album and it used to make me really upset for some reason? The tear used to freak me out, i had no idea what it was.  I think explaining the arty concept of why someone was crying one tear to a 5 year old was too much so they told me it was a bit of hair gel that had dropped down on his shoulder. I love Bowie, it was the first person musically that I really really got into, and my tumblr is still full of Bowie pictures.  

Thin White sexy duke

My aunt taped this album for me when i was 12.  It was just when I was really getting into music and on the cusp of being a moody teenager, not washing my hair, having a lot of Nirvana posters up and crying for no reason over music.  I listened to this particular album a lot.  It really reminds me of when I met my first ever boyfriend.  My bff at the time told me about the really tall boy at her school who sang the Bowie song Star Man in assembly who was a "fucking weirdo" that I might like.  We did like each other, and apart from a few nasty fights over Nirvana Vs the Beatles, and just what was David Bowie's best era we were boyfriend and girlfriend for over a year in the mid to late 90's.  He sadly passed away five years ago this week.

best necklace ever that was denied to me by various companies

My boyfriends parents bought a laser cutter, as they are making old arcade games for a hobby at the moment.  Now, the first thing I thought of and asked was DOES IT CUT ACRYLIC SHEETS? Because in the region of £30 for a lady luck rules, heidi seeker and dontgetmestartedon tatty divines prices for a acrylic name necklace is disgusting.  If i could only make my own?! I started thinking of the possibilities and even my boyfriend got excited with the maths part of how many necklaces could we make per meter of acrylic sheet and how much we could charge.  We are going to have an investigate in the next few weeks.  I imagine that I will just make my own personal ones but will be sure to update you all if i do venture into the word of etsy.


  1. It is a cool necklace but the cunt one is my fave! How much is a laser cutter??? xxx

  2. i think in the regions of thousands....... :/ I really need a cunt necklace in my life x

  3. thousands!!!!! wtf. why the hell did andrews parents buy one :o


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