Monday, 6 December 2010

U suck

My love for acrylic necklaces grows fonder every single day, which is nothing compared for my love of the elusive "cunt" acrylic necklace, however I really think that obtaining such a thing of wonder is an unachievable goal that I need to give up on.  I think however I am one step closer with this thing of wonder...... the  Neivz by Steven Shein U Suck Necklace at Lazy Oaf. I found this over at fur coat no knickers (one of my favourite blogs)

"FUCK THIS U SUCK I'M OUTTA HERE" what words to live by eh? Only at work on Wednesday, after an episode where a customer actually said to the customer service manager "I hope you die" we were discussing the concept of what would happen if you were rude all of the time to peoples faces? Like if you were in a restaurant and they had run out of steak "GO AND FUCKING BUY SOME MORE THEN EH FUCKFACE?" or to a customer "GET OVER IT YOU STUPID CUNT" or to a moaning stupid friend "GET A FUCKING GRIP."  Now, sad as it might be, I can't go around actually doing this, but hopefully this necklace will enable me to get the message across when I really really want to say fuck this shit. 


  1. im going to be the first person to pipe up with I FUCKING LOVE IT...

  2. i want the other one!

  3. Ahh, that's amazing! 'cunt' would be amazing on a necklace! Is there nowhere that will do it? xx

  4. Bit random but


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