Saturday, 22 January 2011

EERrr don't feed the pidgeons - Why Cabbot Circus pishes all over the West End

I drove to Cabbot Circus last weekend, which was exciting for a few reasons.  Firstly because I have yet to drive in a multistory car park and use the tiny spaces there under pressure on a Saturday afternoon, however I absolutely ACED it - reversed in and everything. Secondly, like Russell Howard said, there is something fantastic about Bristol, at the train station 'temple meads' you are likely to hear someone say 'ERR DON'T FEED THE PIDGEONS' rather than at Euston 'IF YOU LEAVE YOUR BAG UNATTENDED WE WILL ASSUME IT IS A BOMB AND BLOW IT UP JUST IN CASE. Thirdly because shopping in Bristol is the best for high street shopping, even better than the west end and my old reliable Milton Keynes.  The West end is always too rammed of tourists and you might have to slog it to marble arch for one shop and then realise you wanted something else towards Tottenham Court Road. In Bristol everything is really central, and  There are lots of larger versions (possibly flagship but I am unsure what determines this status) of highstreet stores such as a really big New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Primark and Topshop, in which I always find things that no other stores have, and it isn't as big as the Oxford Street one which to me seems like a mad jumble sale, or is so vast I can never find anything I want or like.  My new favourite shop for things is New Look.  This is purely because my town has more versions of pound land than actual shops, and the New Look is huge, and always seems to have everything in an organised manner, which sometimes they don't.  It has become my staple for things now, so going to a huge one is always a good thing. 

I am not a Primark lover.  When it first launched my mum forced me to go in, and I was so embarrassed.  Cheapo clothing that may have well come off the market, with clientele to match.  In addition the sizes were shocking, they didn't cater for my height or my weight.  I think I bought a bikini one year to go to Portugal from there, now my mum booked the holiday and didn't realise it was with an Irish Tour company.  There were more Irish people than Portuguese and English people, in fact there were about 15 Irish bars in the town centre, and of course, Primark being an Irish company EVERYONE WAS WEARING MY BIKINI.  Since then they had their sweat shop scandal and everything just put me off.  Since my income was no longer joint and large, and rather single and small I did have to make a few changes.  I lost a bit of weight and ventured in and I am now a bit of a convert.  Bristol Primark is the least jumble sale-esque of all the Primarks I have been in and I have to say 5 floors of stuff is pretty overwhelming.  These are my most recent purchases, my favourites being the De La Soul T shirt and of course, my amazing biker boots that I will never ever take off.

Enlarged heart necklace £2 - Bristol Primark.  I have been on the look out for one of these since that Holly  Willoughby wore one about 3 years ago.

'Distressed' Biker boots £18 - Bristol Primark wide foot section.  I have been coveting a pair of these since last Autumn, but couldn't really fork out the close to £70 Evans versions, that don't even look as good as these, or the ones with wool on them, which although I like, I prefer on flat boxing boot style.  I also feel incredibly grunge in these and they are amazing for stomping around in.

And now for my best find, the Pièce de résistance De La Soul '3 feet high and rising' T Shirt £8.  My god, I love De La Soul, I really can't stand people who wear band T Shirts for the fashion value, especially when for example I saw someone wearing a Roxy Music one, went rushing over to him and said omg wow you love Roxy Music?! He said WHO? jsdflsdkfsdjkl.  However I am a huge De La Soul fan and am rocking the yellow.  I am also wearing a rouched Topshop bodycon skirt that was a ridiculous £25 for a bit of stretchy wrinkly material and after 4 hours driving lost its stretch a tiny bit.   


  1. I am one of those cunts who wear band teeshirts without liking the band. Hey Ramones teeshirt. But its SOOO NICE! Hate me...

    Your blog is funny and needs more followers!! i'm going to pimp you out on twitter xxx

  2. I LOVE shopping in Bristol. It has everything, basically. When i was there in the summer i ended up having a bit of a Zara splurge. The Primark actually looks good as well (i didn't go in, but it look a lot better than most Primark stores). Actually i just love Bristol in general.

  3. I have NEVER been to bristol. I feel like I'm missing out or something now... Haven't been to Primark in so long but that necklace is great. I usually only ever buy pajamas or socks from Primark now haha.

  4. I had never had any reason to go to Bristol other than to see my boyfriend, but I would move there in a heartbeat if I could find work. I think I haven't even tapped the bohemian area of bristol which I am told has loads of record and vintage shops! Go, I throughly recommend it!


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