Monday, 24 January 2011

Ring a ding ding

Just a quick post today to say hello to my new followers!  Today is another find in my recent jewellery shopping trips.  A gold stag skull ring from Topshop sale, I believe to be £12 reduced to about £3.  I can drive, eat, smoke, apply make up, and do everything you can normally do with it and poke my boyfriend over and over in the face till he wrestles the ring off you for a short while and pokes you back.  I don't think I could wear this to some clubs in all honesty, it could definitely double up as a deadly weapon/knuckle duster/shiv.  I love this ring so much, and as someone who is not afraid to push the 'casual' boundaries, it has found a place in my day to day and night wardrobe.


  1. I love that ring so much! It is lovely!


  2. aww thanks! I haven't really taken it off since I got it, despite peoples requests and my boyfriend getting poked in the eye xxx

  3. i love that ring, i can't believe it was only £3, such a bargain! :)

  4. That ring was a bargain! Topman had a great brooch a bit like that recently. The ring does look a little dangerous


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