Tuesday, 1 February 2011

brooches - can the coat of dreams kick it?

I have been a total jewellery freak in recent times.  Topshop have had the best sale of their freedom range, with things usually being around £18 going down to £3 or £4.  I have taken full advantage of this, and purchased a few brooches, perhaps the long forgotten and under appreciated member of the jewellery family?  I replaced the coat of dreams as it had turned into the coat of ripped inner seams and felt as though I needed to adorn it with lovely brooches to embellish its already natural whorish beauty.

Gold Ram Brooch £3 reduced from £15, Hemel Hempstead Topshop.  He just looks immense doesn't he?  So regal and at the same time Satanic also his nose is shiny.  I feel he needs some gems, possibly ruby or emeralds in his eyes to make him look a bit more Satan like.

Some say he is a squirrel, some say he is a bear, however he is clearly a rabbit.  Bun Bun smoothy I like to call him.  The illustration is this horrible twee 70's style which reminds me of some slightly fearsome book we had at school, where all the cute animals were not portrayed in a cute manner at all, but in fact look horrifically sinister.  From Topshop Hemel Hempstead £2 reduced from £8.

I do enjoy an acrylic laser cut item, although I am sure that Topshop have been committing their favourite pass time of plagiarising smaller jewellery designers pieces with this mirror.  It reminds me of a Tatty Devine piece.... hmmm.  Topshop Milton Keynes £2 reduced from £8.


  1. I love them. I agree about the acrylic thing though. But I do love acrylic cut outs! Have you seen Tatty Devine's new collection? Unicorn pleeease!!

  2. haha thanks mate, - andrews dad has a laser cutter to make acrylic cut out stuff but haven';t had a go yet, and no i have not seen the tatty devine stuff but am checking it out now as we speak!

  3. on the subject of creepy 70s kids' things, have you seen this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00y4csg/How_TV_Ruined_Your_Life_Fear/

  4. That golden ram brooch is so pretty. You got some good bargains!xx


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