Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day Dream Nation

My greyday and gold leopard print Wah nails

So last Saturday, my birthday weekend extravaganza I got an over priced hotel room in Camden dropped my suitcase off and headed down to Dalston to have my nails done at Wah Nails.  Famed for their amazingly detailed patterns and designs or nail art to give it is proper title, recommended by many online friends who go regularly and having become obsessed with their tumblr I really couldn't wait to have an excuse to go all the way to East London for my infills.  For those of you who know me, I HACTUALLY hate having my nails done, it is the most boring thing in the world and i would rather be doing anything else at all, but I am an acrylic nail freak and have my infills done every four weeks despite this.  I am not that adventurous when it comes to designs, and not really a lover of white tips with some glitter thrown on top or in some tacky swish across the thumb, and would rather have just black or dark red or purple.  But I knew I wanted something a bit fancy and a bit ghetto.  Wah nails describe themselves "for the downtowns girls worldwide" and that is exactly what I wanted and got.  The studio is exactly what I thought would be like with an entire wall filled with every single vice and nylon magazine ever, which I don't think my boyfriend was too enthused about reading.  Everyone in the studio was wickedly friendly and easy to talk to, with an old VHS copy of dirty dancing playing on a tiny portable TV in the background.  It wasn't like a normal soul draining hour of having my nails done and the whole experience made me feel really pampered but not in that overly stuffy beautician way that I hate where I end up talking about where I am going for my holidays.  The entire thing took about an hour to do, they didn't use any drills or press ons, just nail varnish you or I would use and a file, and I didn't really have anything close to the many intricate designs they have on offer, but I was really pleased with the results.  The colours used to create my nail art was models own 'grey day' and the gold was O.P.I which went with my dress over sized gold necklace and ring and Courtney love esque tiara that I wore in Camden.

Wah do have salons in Oxford Street Topshop, Covent Garden, and also in Dublin, but the whole atmosphere of the Dalston branch really made it special for me. Anyone who is into having their nails done should 100% go, details of their shop and all the designs they do are on their website which is go and check it out now! Next time I fancy making the epic mission to Dalston, I will definitely try some of their other designs like below.....

Wahs famous pow and eyeball design on some lucky lady


  1. I have to go. I love it, so many designs! I've never had my nails done and fear I might become addicted! Sounds well worth it though. What will you get next? I imagine the veiny eyeball makes you cringe though! Haha

  2. ohhh how stinking cool Im following... check out PaigeB.Vintage please and follow id love tht


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