Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves... three months later, I'm a gal in trouble and I haven't seen him for a while

Ahhh, the necklace I have lusted over since 2007, and despite working a 5 minute walk from the Tatty Devine shop and having had over 4 years to save for it... I still don't own it.  *COUGH COUGH HINT HINT* You can see it here in all its glory or here IN TOPSHOP plagiarised in the jewellery section.

Oh man it is the bad times.  I was so shocked, contemplated buying it, then thought I would be so upset with myself never owning the real thing.  I know this isn't the first time topshop have done this, I believe they did it to my friend Jackie over at this charming girl, and numerous other places.  I know, working in a large corporation, that the feeling of guilt rarely comes into making business decisions you just can't have that sort of mentality, copying one cable knit cardy is one thing, but come on, blates copying jewellery as unique as this, is not supportive of the British designers in anyway.  Bad times Topshop, real   bad   times.

It is my birthday tomorrow, despite being into a 12 stone cast I am now really looking forward to a nice day at work, cake and my new polaroid!


  1. I noticed this too! Unfortunately I bought the necklace and was trying to work out why it was so familiar. I realised and did tweet tatty devine about it and sent a picture. I've not worn the necklace at all. I feel weird about it but I can't return it :(
    I remember when Asos totally copied one of Lady Luck Rules OK's designs too. It's horrible. There needs to be a clear difference between inspiration and outright plagerism!

  2. I remember that ladyluck one :( it is just so unfair as you said it is outright plagerism - are the horses really thin and made of tin type stuff? I got a horse neckalce from topshop that snapped recently and they look like the same horses on this version.... x

  3. topshop are so shitty for things like this :/ i have the tatty version and i love it, i always get compliments on it! sooo worth it. hope you have a lovely birthday xo

  4. happy birthday for tomorrow! paperchase are always stealing indie illustrators designs too. the sad thing is that the designers do kick up a fuss but then they say oh well you can sue us but it'll cost you £716293017 so they give up. :( not fair!


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