Wednesday, 9 February 2011

i don't have to think, i only have to do it, the results are always perfect

So I got my nose pierced on Saturday as a birthday present from my boyfriend.  I was covered in piercings during my misspent youth of a Korn, Faith No More and other post grunge/Nu Metal bands era, where you weren't anyone unless you wore baggy waggy jeans from Camden with that crazy man who shouted BAGGY WAGGY at you when you went in and had at least three facial piercings. 

 The epitome of nu metal pierced cool, labret, 2x eyebrow, nose, and countless others

I took them all out when I got a job and such but always missed my nose the most. I always thought it suited me and jumped at the chance when I am in a position to have it done again, I felt like I could have a small part of my teenage angsty self back.  In addition a tiny silver hoop (like the one below) has found its way back ~on trend~ along with the whole early 90's look going on that I am fully embracing, there wasn't really an excuse not to have it done.  

Nose inspo 

My titanium nose spike soon to be replaced with hipster nose ring

So the lovely lady at the studio did it with a needle, rather than a gun in a hairdressers like when I was younger and only had these crazy titanium swirly studs with spikes, instead of the neat little silver ball I had envisioned, so I opted for a purple one, she marked it up, and did it, really painless, my monthly eyebrow and tash wax hurts more, (and is also need of doing as you can see from these HD pictures) and I have to say I LOVE it.  No pain after, no horrible redness, just looks awesome.   I am also reliving my teenage years by celebrating my 25th Birthday in Camden at the weekend so I am going to get a few new studs and hoops, in an attempt to look less like the 15 year old me and more like the trend setting 25 year old that gets piercings and hangs out in Camden on a Saturday night. 

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  1. looks lovely!

    mine hurt SO MUCH when i got it done with a needle, maybe i have a low pain threshold? i love nose piercings though, they're so sexy x


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