Monday, 28 February 2011

I want my money back, you bitch, and don't forget to give me back my black T Shirt

I am not really sure why I haven't posted in a week, I haven't been too busy, but was in the Shire this weekend as my boyfriend fell over and has busted up his ankle, which seemed to get better by the end of the weekend, but he managed to fall over again today and made it worse.  I did manage to persuade him to go to my favourite shopping centre CABBOT CIRCUS, as I had envisioned some crazy flash dance esque outfit involving American Apparel thigh high socks.  But what I had really set out to get was the Sonic Youth T "Goo" T shirt.  Man I need this in my life.  At the moment I am all about being some 90's grunger in thick socks and boots and tights and plaid shirts and band t shirts and not really brushing my hair.  Not like some girls I see who have teased their hair into a massive fluffy uncombed look, I mean I am making it curly but washed real messy grunge riot grrl look, crossed with some ghetto girl from i don't know where.  So I knew Urban Outfitters did it at some point, but alas no more.  I did however find something better at (where else?) ONLINE - here. It is pre vintage-fied and all soft, which is much better than buying a fruit of the loom home printed version off ebay but not so hot at £30 including shipping.   

Look at the fake vintage feel goodness! I need this more than I need Car Tax this month

So whilst walking through Cabbot Circus, I see a man in a t shirt that says Pug life.  But not only does it say pug life, it is a direct copy of one of my favourite albums "Everything Sucks" by the 80's American punk band "Descendents."  Being the hipster bitch that I am I suggest to my boyfriend that he has no idea and could not possibly conceive who the Descendents were, and he had bought the T shirt because it says Pug life on it.  I cannot express how much I hate people wearing band T shirts when they don't know who the band is. WHY?   I saw the man about five times in Bristol though and felt it was an omen to purchase my own, and I got home and found where I could get myself one here.  I am worried that people won't get it and just think I really like pugs, which I do, but I like the Descendents more. 

 The Original Descendents Album Cover

Pugs life version

It got me thinking about the other T shirt I have coveted for ages from Topshop, that I found and mentally made a note to go and get it the next day on my lunch, and it DISAPPEARED, even though they had about 10 in there, and it had also gone from the website, only to return recently here in the petite section, which is possible the most inaccurate word ever in the English language to describe me.  Thanks Google Cache for the picture though.  Its a Damned T shirt, the first ever punk band.  From the mighty Hemel Hempstead.  Yes that's right, the first band to release a punk single "New Rose" I think it was about 5 days before some other punk band, was from my town. My mum used to see Dave Vanian outside her school everyday waiting for his girlfriend after he finished his job as a gravedigger.

My punk heritage right here on a t shirt in Topshop

Whilst rooting round the Urban Outfitters website I also found this beauty which is on my wishlist.  It is on my wishlist because I am unsure if I will look like a geek wearing a Nirvana T Shirt and hasn't moved on and should be wearing purple cords and hanging out in Camden with a grubby hoody on, or being ~on trend with my 90's look.  I loved Kurt Cobain since my parents played Nirvana to death in the car and I used to steal the tapes and listen to them under my desk on my brown fisher price.  I think I might get it thinking back on this.

Doesn't look like a Camden greebo, but she does look like she needs a burger though

Still no hopes on an original Mr Bungle T shirt, the search goes on for a non fruit of the loom stupid thick i printed this on my home printer and now putting it on ebay one. 


  1. fucking LOL LOL LOL at the gravedigger story, lmao! the mighty hemel eh!?!? x

  2. I also saw that Nirvana t-shirt last week and decided I MUST have it, I really want a Nirvana top which doesn't make me look like a greebo/fourteen years old. In fact I just want to start wearing band t-shirts all the time, the Sonic Youth Goo one is also right at the top of my wishlist. And, not really about bands (but inspired about your brief pug talk) there's a t-shirt on which says 'pugs not drugs' and I think it is amazing - I've wanted it for about two years so as soon as I've got some money it will be mine! X

  3. @ comesaturday I know, I have my de la soul one and a David Bowie one that isn't so great anymore and has glitter on it, wish I had endless money to waste on band t shirts. BTW I added you to my blog list, your blog layout is so fit mate, and looks well pro compared to my html shite haha, content is obvs awesome as well xxxx

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