Friday, 18 February 2011

Teen Age Riot

Here I am breaking every blogging rule of half a body shot against a beige background.  But hey, I live with my parents and it is short term so they refuse to decorate, despite me having lived here for two years and in that time the kitchen has been done three times, the living room twice and the hall has had two carpets and my dad is a decorator by trade.  Seriously you would go to school with a blue themed dining room you had learned to love and you would come back 5 hours later to an Egyptian themed room with new furniture, looking like they had paid thousands for it, go back out again to sainsburys and come back and it would be red and black again, and yet they won't do my room.  

Yesterday, there was dead spider remains in the bath everyone had left for work or was asleep, so I couldn't have a shower.  I couldn't wash my hair, and therefore had to get creative with my dirty hair. It was not the time for my beloved hair donut as I had already done that this week same goes for a topknot.  I did one of those wardrobe and draw clean out last night in an attempt to sell some things on ebay and found this old scarf from 2003 when polka dots were all anyone could think about, and put it with my lycra stretchy stripy dress that I think most chub people would stay away from but I embrace.  I also put my new nose hoop in which totally pulled it together,  thinking it was going to be on of those days where you look like a bag lady, I was surprised when I actually looked BANGING.  So here is my first, and probably last, WIWT posts.  Except I wore it yesterday, and you can only see from my boobs up. 

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  1. aww I really like your pictures, even tho they're 'breaking every blogging rule' ! My parents do the same thing to me awwh cant wait to go to college i finally have my very own flat ! :)


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