Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Physically physically physically fit, ya nice, sweet, fantastic

So last week A lovely lady walked past the smoking bench wearing a scrunchie.  We all creased up reminiscing about scrunchies and how utterly vile they are/were.  We were reminded of scrunchies past and present, such as the archetypal velvet green/black/red beauty often with gems or pearls on it.  Alternatively you had a large fluorescent beauty, that were often stacked upon one another in a myriad of disgusting colours.  I predicted during this conversation, that with the 90s revival happening now that it wouldn't be too long before we would see hipster American Apparel types sporting a lovely scrunchie in an ironic way.  I also predicted that I would be doing it.  

A variety of beautiful scrunchies
No one believed me that anyone would want to bring that vile scrunchie back.  After all, I think that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie and Berger have this HUGE argument about how a New York lady wouldn't run about wearing a scrunchie they were doomed for all existence.  I love that episode,  they see a lady in a bar wearing one, which Berger believes will disprove Carries theory but turns out scrunchie lady is some southern tourist and not even close to being a Manhattan type .  At the end of the episode  Berger finds one in her bathroom.  Oh the shame Miss Bradshaw.  

 I think everyone is looking forward to that love

So I am in AA this weekend purchasing my thigh highs (I really have no clue when I am going to wear these because unless you have sticks for legs they just roll down my fleshy thighs and my flash dance outfit ideas are ruined) I go up to the counter, and what do I see?  SCRUNCHIE CITY.  I was sorely tempted to buy one for ~teh lols~ but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  So I leave you with American Apparels campaign for the scrunchie come back. 

 I have no words really American Apparel

What do you think about the scrunchie?  Ironic goodness to be embraced or still too vile to comprehend?


  1. Great that scrunchies are back, too bad I just got my hair cut short. Every time I've had long hair, I've used them at home. And back in the nineties nothing sold in Finland was made in China, so everything was expensive for a teenager. So we made scrunchies ourselves (they are really easy to sew) and you could use the same fabric as in your jeans extensions/ patches/ etc. Also I enjoy reading your blog posts.

  2. Thank you! I love that you had to make your own scrunchies that is so cool, I am making a blog post soon about the necklace you made me!!!! xxxxxxxxxx


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