Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Seh gal yuh pretty, Yuh face it pretty, But yuh character dirty


We are totally obsessed with this song at work.  We put it on our work spotify playlist called "Queen of the Dancehall." Using the word ragamuffins alone makes it beyond awesome. 

This week I enjoyed some fancy cocktails in the middle class suburbia that is St Albans at the weekend.  I went ghetto with my nails and my outfit, which really didn't fit in with the St Albans feel but rather in with Chaka Demus and Pliers, but hey.

Crazy dibber nails 

I just had acrylic infills with black colour, then the lady got this really cool dibber thing, filled a false nail with gold and just dibbed them on.  I literally had to hold my breath whilst she was doing the tiny dots in case I jogged her.  They were to finalise my leopard print outfit and massive hair that didn't go really that massive. If anyone cares about where the dress is from, from the minuscule detail of it in the picture, it is from the tall section in New Look. 

Murder She Wrote in an indecently short leopard print dress


  1. YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS IN THESE FOTOS and i love the nails. serious n-envy (nail envy) xxx

  2. I'm totally obsessed with Chaka Demus' suit! I'm going to buy me one and wear it next time we go out.

  3. @Adele thank you mate, it only cost £20 odd, rather than close to £40 at Wah! I reckon really easy to do yourself.

    @Mariana OMFG PLEASE DO THIS - btw i haven't dismissed your fb message just haven't had time to respond today, will do it tomorrow x


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