Sunday, 3 April 2011

COLOUR BE GONE.......................................!

Possibly the longest I have gone without doing something drastic to my hair was the past 18 months or so.  I had it in a short dark brown bob that was pretty boring, and kind of reflected me at the time, boring, lost interest in myself and shit. So when I started the ~new me~ I decided to grow my hair out and dye it bright red.  I have been growing it since March 2009, with only a few cuts at the ends to keep it healthy.  I am now totally bored of red hair.  A few girls in my office have gone back to blonde, and I felt that with summer coming up, I would like to go back to blonde.  I knew that going from bright red, to blonde would make me a gingerish colour, so I thought about putting a brown on then going to the hair dressers and getting half a head of foils every four weeks till I reached the desired effect.

THEN SOMEONE TOLD ME ABOUT COLOUR B4. It is kind of a home stripping kit, that shrinks the hair colour molecules or some other pseudo science rubbish. I am terrible at reviewing products, so please forgive me, if I repeat myself a lot or have nothing constructive to say.  I had no idea what to expect, as I have been dying my hair since I was 12 or so, and the colour build up must be stupid on my hair, but I was only going to put brown on top, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't work.  I have demonstrated how bright my hair was in a recent picture of me tossing off a horse in Camden. 

There is a fair amount of rigmarole for doing the colour b4.  You have to leave the stinky stuff on for an hour, and like hair dye keep it warm, so my boyfriend wrapped my head in Clingfilm, which left me looking like an egg.  You then have to rinse out the colour b4, for ten minutes.  My parents don't have a proper shower, just a huge bath and hose thing (idk why this is but I hate it) so I had to bend over the bath for ten entire minutes washing the stuff out.  You then have to use the colour b4 booster stuff, which helps remove more of the old dye, apparently if you don't put this on the old dye would come back.....  So you leave this on for a minute, then wash out for another 10 minutes, then put more of the booster on like a shampoo and rinse.  I did all of this getting a very sore back.  But you could see how much it had taken out, all of it.  Below is what the colour b4 did.  Please note, there is nothing on my hair other than colour b4. 

SHOCKING STUFF EH?  I sat and thought, if I put dark on now, it is going to take forever to get to pretty much this light colour.  It did have a strawberry blonde feel to it though.  So I thought about getting an entire head of highlights and see what would happen.  I found a place in Hemel called Bella's recommended by my friend Chantelle who did an entire head for £35 and cut and blow dry for another £25.  Below is the amazing new fringe and current colour. 

It is not the desired colour at the moment, it definitely has a gingery yellow tone to it, but I have my next appointment in two weeks, so from bright red to proper blonde in two weeks is pretty good going I say!  I just hope I can refrain from putting the brown on it to get rid of this weird caramel colour. 

Colour B4 I give you 8/10. 


  1. I think its done a brilliant job actually.10/10!and u will look so sexy and good with blond hair (like your blonde childhood pic locks!) cant wait to see the ~FINISHED PRODUCT~

    love the bangs too babyjane xx

  2. It looks so good! I love the fringe (yay for Bella's) I need them to trim mine again. My fringe is starting to grow out. Maybe I can come with you when you get more highlights! I can't believe how good the colour stripper was!

    Also, is that your Tara print on the wall?

  3. @ chantelle

    I am going on the 19th at 3pm, do you want me to book you in for a fringe trim then as well?

    Actually that is not my tara print, that is a leaflet that came with my tara print, i had a frame big enough for that, but not my other two. I am going to do a blog post on my two prints and how much I love her, and other pop surrealists.

  4. jiminy cricket - that's so impressive! loving the new hair too! i've been thinking about dying my hair lately. i've not dyed it in about two years and i've become a bit proud of my virginal untainted hair but then i saw a photo of myself in daylight and actually it's so mousy and boring. i really identify with what you said about your hair reflecting how you felt about yourself at the time :'(

  5. Thanks for this review, I was thinking of using Colour B4 and you've definitely persuaded me to go for it :)

  6. love it :) just stoping buy saying hello fabulas:)


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