Thursday, 16 June 2011

I Need $

Since getting all my hair chopped off I feel like I can perhaps use hair accessories more than before.  I was looking for some Skeleton hands clips that have been over done by the emo/goth girls for the past few years, that I never felt I could pull off till now.  On my hunt for these I came across this website called beadesaurus who manage to home a lot of these (oh I loath to say it but for want of a better word) ~quirky rockabilly/punk style accessories without it seeming tacky and hot topic/Camden circa 2002.  I have found LOADS of things that I want from this website, however becoming a grown up recently and getting a joint bank account, my boyfriend might now notice me dropping £100 on what he would deem "toot" from here.  I don't think I could pull the "Oh I have had this for ages you never bloody notice" trick either.

My love of accessories that use profanities never fails to amaze me. Like my hunt for the elusive cunt necklace, that my mum said she would disown me if i bought.  You can imagine how bloody excited I was to see these hair slides above.  Totally able to get away with these at work and outside without too much of a scene.  You can get the above "Fuck You" beauties from beadesaurus for just £8.00. 

I do find these pretty awesome, for when my hair is slightly longer.  However I think I can find them a bit cheaper than £5 for one hand, possibly on etsy, but I am such a lazy shopper I probably won't.  Let me know if you see them anywhere cheaper?

After my £1 Primark purse has pretty much given up the ghost and fed up of replacing it with further £1 Primark purses that always fall apart, I found this amazing wallet/purse.  I have a certain criteria for purses.  Must have picture part, lots of room for cards and separate coin bit with a zip.  This fits all of it, and has Zombies on it.  Fucking A. 

Just a quick mention as well to some new awesome blogs that you should all read

Bethany over at The arched eyebrow awesome new plus size fashion blog. I find it incredibly inspirational without sounding like some sort of stalker nut, Bethany embraces her shape and size and makes me, and others I know, feel good about their body in a way I have not found on other plus size or communities that usually are really patronising and generally make me feel worse about being a tall fat lime cat.  

Another Charlotte's absolutely fit food blog at What Charlotte Eats not having had lots and lots of time recently, I have yet to make anything on the blog, but I can tell you once I saw a quick receipt for carbonara I have FOUND time next week.  

Lastly, a very insightful and different to the usual left view opinion on current affairs by my barrister friend at Massive Lefty it is also utterly utterly hilarious, which is not something you would usually find with this kind of blog.  

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