Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!

Here is the last known photo of me with my long hair.  It took two hours to get it all curled with tongs, and massive rollers and an entire can of hairspray.  I am also wearing this FIT dress from the asos curves range.

Yeah so, I am pretty fed up of doing my hair every single day.  Long hair is a chore for shampoo dodgers like myself, plus I just put it up in a topknot and never brush it. What is the point of having long hair if all you are going to do is put it up, or half arsed do it down then get all hot and put it back up again?  I really regret loosing my red hair as well, so after getting all upset about looking like a tramp with matted hair, in a drastic move I went for a graduated bob.  I wish to GOD I had it taken up to my shoulders, however hair grows and all that.

My inspiration for the bob was my good friend Sally, the Mulligan to my O'Hare (looking might fine in this picture) With her marble eyes and a murloc peering over her shoulder, I thought HOW COULD THIS GO WRONG ON ME?  IT CAN'T!

I heard she wasn't immunised, and that's a legal requirment

But yeah it doesn't look like this.  I am not happy.  Here for your very eyes, the first slightly blurry picture that wasn't done on the downlow on twitter is Charlotte's graduated bob.

Don't get me wrong, it is better than long and tangled, I just think I went too short too soon.  I am also not fishing for compliments.  I can't seem to keep it looking choppy or feeling really un feminine and just end up looking  like Lime Cat.

I bought some Bed Head hard to get texturising paste but hasn't really done much.  I also found this amazing picture at work today on the OFCOM website, of some sad woman looking upset at how high her phone bill was and how she can get back at the company who invoiced her for calling 23050605 mobile numbers in a month and expected them for about 5p.  Aside from this woman looking mournful SHE HAS GREAT HAIR.  I am keeping this as some sort of target hair ideal.

Amazing haired Ofcom cow

So I will wait it out a bit and hopefully it will just grow into what I want it to be.  What do you guys think?  Anyone chopped off all their years of hard work and regretted it?


  1. Babe, I like it! When I came home with my bob I was distraught and it look a lot of fiddling with to get it how I liked it. My best tips for styling is an air-brush so you can curl it under while you dry. This is good for me who cannot do the hairdryer in one hand/brush in the other routine and it works great. Then straighten it to get it smooth looking, then once thats done, use the air-brush to lift the roots up a bit for volume. Takes about 10 mins. And I'm a hair spastic! xx

  2. Thanks bud, I believe I am going to purchase the big hot hair babyliss thing that everyone keeps raving about. You hair looks good at the length it is now as well. Also, no one turned up for the raid, we might do it next week though x

  3. I think it really suits you! I know how you feel, I got my hair cut a lot shorter a couple of years ago, and regretted it sooo much. But hair grows :)
    Sirens and Bells xx


    I have heard such great things about the babyliss hot air thing, and I think you really suit the short hair. I look like a boy with short hair x

  5. No way! Your friend Naomi is buff I kept looking at her thinking omg I wish I looked like her and pretty much sold the dress to me haha x

  6. I know! She is so hot in real life too. And once she had a wardrobe clearance and I got LOADS of crap. She's on Twitter too!/naomishimada


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