Thursday, 28 July 2011

Through (with) my Leggings

I really love leggings.  I always struggled to find trousers that fit me nice, jeans were impossible, I am tall and fat so even tall sections would not accommodate me and plus size places were too short.  I would wear uncomfortable trousers just to appease that feeling in me that said I HAVE TO WEAR JEANS LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET OR I AM NOT NORMAL.  Then one day I read that Rachael at fur coat no knickers, just doesn't wear trousers.  Simple as that, she just doesn't wear them.  I thought to myself, that is a really really good idea.  So I stopped wearing trousers.  However this bought me into a leggings rut.  All the tops, dresses skirts and even awesome dungarees I got a few weeks back all involve leggings or tights.   I will not get my legs out, I am not comfortable with such a thing.  They are really bumby tree trunked shaped and have blue thread things on them.  Even tanned it is a no go for me.

So today I decided I would try on the Palazzo pants.  They look really nice on everyone I have seen in the real life, short, fat, tall and skinny alike.  However I went into New Look, tried on the biggest size in the tall section and I basically got the biggest camel toe EVAH.  The side didn't really do up either. Also they didn't have the new loafers I wanted in my size either. Then I went round the rest of late night shopping in a mood in all the shops I went in and cried when I got in.  No matter where I would go I knew I wouldn't find anything that wasn't too short or just didn't fit me.  

I have totally given up on an old faithful and haven't even checked their site until today, but Dorothy Perkins talls section did actually have some decentish stuff on their website.  In recent times ever since they abolished tall sections in most of the stores and just had 3 different coloured long sleeves on their site for months, today they had plus sized, tall Palazzo pants!  But at £35 I think that is a fucking rip off when Primark are doing them for £15 and New Look for around £25.  

So I continued my search on Evans and the ever so lovely named ~inspire section at New Look and found some nice navy ones, but to be honest, I knew that they would be ankle swingers on me.  I am fed up of compromising.  Then I remembered ASOS CURVE.  My god I love asos curve.  It is the ONLY place I have found that do a true fit for me.  Long sleeves and legs, and very roomy, like H&M used to be like.  Plus they do plus size clothes that are just like regular ones but made bigger for tubos like myself, and have no need to make T shirts that say lol on them.  Or copious amounts of gypsy tops in floral patters and polyester black trousers. They had some, and they were in the sale for £17.00.  These are them below.

Feeling ever so good about these, and as I live five minutes from the ASOS warehouse I know that they will be with me shortly.  If they look amazing on me then I am wearing them on my Camden night out Saturday, which is consisting of showing a friend round who hasn't ever been, and visiting Amy Winehouses house/shrine thing to lay some flowers and eyeliner and going to the Devonshire Arms to get all metal and pissed up. 

I don't want to sound gushy or cashing in on a celeb death, but I really loved Amy, she touched me in a way I can never describe to anyone and it feels like I have lost someone I knew.  Blair describes it best  out of all the tributes I have read this week on this post.  Love you so much Amy Amy Amy, I hope that you are in a better place and at peace. xxx


  1. Ooh i love the ASOS palazzo pants! Really want to get some but i think i need to save my money as come winter i need two or three pairs of shoes. I am so picky with trousers - never wear jeans because i hate them (last time i wore them was to go out in the snow a couple of winters ago); all my trousers are smartish ones i wear for work. I am definitely a skirts/dresses person.

  2. Not wearing trousers is the BEST! I have a few tops that I think probably would work better with a tighter shape on the bottom half, but I just don't really like them. Trousers are for LOSERS!


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