Saturday, 27 August 2011

The End of Silence

My job that I sort of fell into became my career (ish) however was never really my idea of what I wanted to do, however I am pretty awesome at it so you know win/win.  I always wanted to write or do journalism or do PR and marketing but the entire thing looked too hard and I needed a job and I ended up in the lovely world of telecommunications.  There are very little perks in my job apart from cost price broadband, unlike my friends in the land of the internets who all do very exciting jobs in fashion, beauty and music and film.  Last week my feed was filled with people receiving festival tickets, grass heads and other amazing free things they had got from work.  At my work we get excited about an order from the office supply store viking if we got some free kitkats  and if someone remembered to get blutak or not. I had a bit of a moan about this on my feed and the UH-MAZING Rachael over at  fur coat no knickers said she would send me a treat to make the girls jealous at work and generally make my perkless Monday morning a bit brighter.

Being a small time blogger who doesn't really get free shit, (this is probably due to the severe lack of blogging and swearing in my posts - who can blame those PR people?) receiving the package not only made my disgusting Monday morning the best Monday evah, it was also really moving how someone could be so lovely (I just wanted to say thank you to Rachael for doing that)  and now I get to review the stuffs I got as well! Like a proper blogger and that! These little beauty reviews with proper shots of my bootiful face will be in the following posts to come but  till then here is a picture of my booty:

  1. New Kid Cosmetics I glow Shimmer Powder in "Sirocco"
  2. Aveda Nourish Mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in "wineberry"
  3. Aveda Nourish Mint Sheer Mineral Lip Colour in "Sheer saffron"
  4. Aveda Petal Essence Single Eye Colour in "Jade" (which isn't on their website)
  5. Jemma Kidd/new Kidd Cosmetics  I style pro duo in "boho"
  6. Stargaze loose eye dust in a gold (cannot wait for this one, very glam rock/bowie/bolan)
  7. Mavala "Arosa" nail varnish
  8. Alterna's Caviar Glitterati range, Shine and define hair balm (smells like coconuts am intrigued about this one)
  9. New Kid Cosmetics I Blossom Pressed Powder Blusher with a stamp (seriously this blusher has a spring in it, and literally stamps it on your face)
  10. New Kid Cosmetics I Prime Foundation Primer (this one is interesting as I cannot live without pre foundation primer, have used Estee Lauder and Boots No 7 in the past, and it won some sort of award)
  11.  Models Own "Pastel Pink"
  12. Models Own "Peach Sherbet" I CAN ONLY ASSUME THAT DUE TO THE STUPID SALE THIS HAS SOLD OUT OR HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED (if the latter I am well excited to own one)

I am one lucky lady!  Now everyone read fur coat no knickers, because it is probably my favourite blog ever, and how could it not be as it is made by the lady who introduced me to the thinking ways of I DON'T HAVE TO WEAR TROUSERS and who's obsession with tiki bars, Andrew W K and Henry Rollins rival my own?


  1. Ahhh always happy to cheer up a pal, hope everything is OK and works for you!

  2. Aww that's such a lovely present, you're very lucky! x


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