Monday, 29 August 2011

Right about now I'm 50/50

So yeah, Models Own did this thing, not a lot of people heard about it I don't think, no one has blogged about it, where if 50,000 people ~liked their facebook page they would give everyone 50% off for a week on their website.  OH LOL, of course you have heard about it unless you have been living under a stone or are just not addicted to the internet like I am.  At various landmarks of likes, they would give away some amazing prizes, like the entire collection of nail varnishes at one point.  At every landmark I was absolutely convinced that I was going to win, as was Bethany at The Arched Eyebrow.  We didn't win.  I also didn't get this nail varnish in the sale, but it was sent to me in my booty bundle in my last post here.  It is called Peach Sherbet and as far as I can tell it has either been discontinued or is sold out.  Bad times. But then good times as I own a rare nail varnish.  It doesn't get more exciting that that imo.

I get my nails done with thick acrylics, proper ghetto style, so please do not think this is my own handy work below, they were done by professional people.  I normally stick to short nails in black or grey, but in recent times I have been a bit more adventurous and bought MY OWN VARNISH TO NEW YORK NAILS.  They aren't always overly enthused when I do this to be honest, but whatevs mates it is my nails.  So this is the finished product below.  This picture actually does the colour a lot of justice, right now in my hot little study under the bright light bulb it looks a bit like tipex, however I plan to leopard print this shiz at some point this weekend before I get bored of it.  I do have to say Models Own, covered in their top coat never ever chips, literally not ever.  Considering I do a desk job my hands always look like they have been out gardening so I am a good tester for such things.  I would always recommend Models Own but just not this colour alone.


**Since I had my nails done, I have added my own leopard print in a mad dash before heading out yesterday, I think it makes the colour look less tipex-y and actually makes them look quite fit.  Leopard print was done with my dodgy shaky hands with the models own nail art pen, I am pretty sure all of you know what that is, but if not, you can find it here in black on the Models Own website which currently has the 50% off, or in white and black on the ASOS website here.


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