Tuesday, 23 August 2011

She'll come back as fire, and burn all the liars, leave a blanket of ash on the ground

I really loved Nirvana when I was younger.  I liked other bands a lot, but I really loved Kurt Cobain and Nirvana the most.  I even did my first year English presentation on Nirvana, I think having been inspired by my mum who did hers on Bowie.  My mum even made me a Kurt Cobain collage, with (and this is totes morose and so teenagery) his suicide note in the middle.  I was always grateful to my mum because she totally indulged Alex my sister and me with things like music, feeling 'depressed' and being obsessed with death and crying to music, and wearing baggy clothes, and all that stuff when you are a moody alternative kid,  I think it is because she remembered being a teenager well.

I remember seeing Francis Bean Cobain when she was little, and it was always obvious she was going to be super stunning, clearly had some good genes as her Dad was just the BEST looking man ever, and her mum, before she got into surgery was equally as beautiful.  This shoot by Hedi Slimane just took my breath away, she is all grown up, looking stunning, moody and skinny and smoking a fag looking badass and pretty much everything I always wanted to look like.  

Love this one, it is Jeff Buckley lyrics, from Grace 'Well it's my time coming i'm not afraid to die'

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  1. OMG she's beautiful, I guess i didn't realize she was this old already! Cool Pictures girl!



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