Monday, 19 September 2011

I don't dream about anyone except myself

After deciding that I cannot do my own HD eyebrows and end up looking like Pinocchio, I  was bored so did something I don't think I have done since about 1998.  I did a centre parting for work.  I have been seeing a lot of the centre parting on various blogs and campaigns, it seems to be a hit with the ombre hair crowd.  My hair was unwashed and wasn't doing what I wanted to do, my HD eyebrows look shit, so I went for it and just stuck it up on the sides, and left the rest to fall where it fell naturally.

SRSLY I have not had so many compliments in one day about my hair since the day I straightened it when it was really long instead of putting it in a topnot and everyone thought it was extensions.  Or "the day Charlotte actually made an effort" as I like to call it.

I am really looking forward to long hair again, so I can rock the centre parting like an Olsen and Lara Stone.  I am also going to do more pictures of me when I can find a competent photographer and not my boyfriend who has literally zero artistic talent and photography skillz.  

Centre Parting smoking inspo for you all to enjoy.

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