Thursday, 1 September 2011

Our girls are looking so good

My boyfriends little sister came to stay with us last weekend and being from a teeny village from Gloucester I decided a trip to London is in order.  Bit selfish really as I really wanted to go to topshop and Selfridge's but I am sure she had a good time despite being the biggest tom boy that ever lived.  Having always lived 20 minutes outside of central London, it still never makes me truly happy to see someone in absolute awe of the huge buildings and people and shops and Bethany really really was totally amazed.  I would love to be some sort of retail/dirty side of London tour guide.

I went to Topshop to get the amazing shrimp/prawn(?) earrings that both Fur Coat No Knickers and Arched Eyebrow had bought.  A cross between vintage looking and just bizarre and stupid which sums me up nicely, I couldn't not have them.  I was unaware that there was an option of blue or red, but I opted for red as next to these beauties, was a huge necklace with a blue version on it!


There is a red phone box, type writer, mystic hand, weird ladybug, BLUE SHRIMP! and bow.  Might never take this off to be honest.  They don't appear to be on the website anymore either, but the charm bracelet version of this you can get  here


As the past two weeks at work have been totally kicking my arse, I felt no remorse at spending £50 on jewellery in there and also went for the utterly gaudy over the mineral purple rock ring.  My Mum who's green version of this that she got at the rock and gem show at Hatfield House fell into the great River Ouse a few years, is super jealous.  In fact everyone should be super jealous of this, it makes me feel like I should have some sort of super power with it, or at least be in captain planets gang or that I have stolen a shard from the dark crystal.  I think this actually IS a shard from the dark crystal. 


Topshop are really out doing themselves at the moment, bring out some really dirty, odd and bizarre pieces that I could have spent all my hard earned money on. Sadly my bank balance did not permit and topshop was also so hot I had sweat face. But lots of eyeballs and jewel encrusted animals and really large pieces, if you can I would highly recommend going and having a butchers!

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