Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Can We Go Inside Now?

So today was good for a couple of reasons.  For the first time ever since I made the insane choice to chop off my amazing long bright red hair into some lime cat graduated bob, I was able to get my hair up.  I managed with the aid of half a can of hairspray and a metric fucktonne of kirby grips to fashion my short hair into the hair donut!  Strangers from afar will think that I have my long hair again, and I once again can feel complete by having a posh topknot.

Secondly, I got to wear the coat of dreams II today.  I debated a bit about how cold it was to start bringing it out, considering two weeks ago I was wearing a maxi dress and sunnies.  I always used to be one of those cold people, I could never warm up and I was always the last, now looking back on it slightly pretentious, students to take their scarf off.  Now I am one of those hot people that can walk about with just a t shirt on in the snow.  But it was 100% coat of dreams II weather.  I love this coat, nearly as much as coat of dreams I, RIP baby.

Coat of Dreams II is from New Look ~inspire range from last year
Brogues are from New Look wider fit section
Bodycon skirt from H&M, I have one in black as well in a medium(!) for £7.99 best buy this year
V Neck Jumper from H&M about 8 years ago I think
Handbag, vintage 50's Gold Cross.  It still has the little bit of glass for a mirror inside it.  Getting some good compliments on this.


  1. Ah coat of dreams v.2 is a dream though!

  2. never put that leopard coat away. LOVE IT.


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