Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bad Fate

So I am getting into having my photo done a bit more, but the problem with having a really bad digital camera, a really bad photographer for a boyfriend and no tripod, I have to get a work friend to do it.  Which means I cannot be too fussy about the shot, or they will rip the piss out of me for being fussy, also we work on a highstreet, and the uncultured people of Hemel really wouldn't give way to loads of photos being taken without getting involved.  Hence my morose face.

Looking at this photo I realise my hair is now at the shoulder touching phase which makes it look a bit like Kat Slaters hair, a horrible feathered, too many layered shaggy super save cut.  I have to wait it out though.  Coloured it with magiconstrast which has made it glow.  I love it, so glad about getting my red hair back.  

Ok so the main reason for the post, I am wearing my ASOS fisherman's jumper from my last wishlist post.  I am really unsure about it to be honest, it has no shape, which is the idea of the jumper, to be baggy and grungey.  However, I don't personally think it does me any favours for my shape.  Saying this I have barely taken it off, and if this has been the case, only to put on my leather pannel leggings, which have been christened Fitness Barbie leggings.  The jumper does not look good with trousers or leggings though, I think this is because it is quite cropped. I have been wearing a vest underneath it.  If I had one wish for this jumper it would be for it to be about 10 inches longer.  Jumper, I well like you yeah, but if you could grow a little bit  I would be eternally grateful.

Jumper - ASOS Curve
 Skirt - H&M
Biker Boots - Primark Wide Section (up to a size 9!)
Tights - Evans
Sabre Tooth Necklace - Topshop


  1. Your hair is amazing! What is this colour? I want it. The expression on your face pretty much sums up being and working in Hemel town centre.

  2. love the sweater, looks cozy and terrific color. ASOS is always a hit for me.

    and I like the hair length!



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