Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Castles Made of Sand

So when I say wishlist, what I actually mean is, things I need in my life, that I cannot stop thinking about and veto every single thing in my wardrobe, because it is none of these things.  Literally I wore something today and thought "THIS IS SO SHIT, ALL I WANT IS THOSE PANELLED LEGGINGS, THEN LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE."  I sat on the end of the bed and confessed this to my boyfriend, he does not understand really.  Does anyone?  ASOS Curve is really really hitting the spot at the moment.  Literally every single thing they update I want to buy. Like the panelled leggings £22, with the green jumper, £25.50 the model is wearing in the shot, this is pretty much the outfit of dreams at the moment.  I really love green things, I might even break my no jeans rule for these tight Skinny fit green ones £32.  Finally, ASOS have made this mesh leotard, £25 imagine that teamed with the leggings I WOULD LOOK A BIT LIKE A FAT SANDY FROM GREASE WHEN SHE GOES ALL BAD AND STARTS SMOKING FAGS.

Dorothy Perkins have fallen out of favour with me in recent times.  They were pretty much the only place I could buy tall clothes in sizes up to a 22.  For a 6 "1 chubster like myself, having this kind of availability on the high street is a must.  Even if it is just for jeans and a plain t shirt, because for some reason all plus size concessions are not like anything else in the rest of the shop you are in but are a floral sack of shit with no shape and have come out of some sort of 1996 Bovingdon Market time warp. But they have stopped the Tall section in most of the stores and online is just bare man.  Really really bare with really uninspiring things.  Plus I dropped £180 in their last month for new work clothes and literally NONE OF IT WAS ANY GOOD OR NICE.  I took it all back.  Not a lot has changed, Dorothy Perkins Tall section is still really shite, but they have redeemed themselves somewhat as some of their other stuff in the regular bit is ok at the moment.  The stripey glittery top £29.50, and the see through polka dot blouse, £28.  All these things can be teamed with the panelled leggings.  Omg I think I will just go and buy them now, I cannot live without them anymore.  I always seem to chuck out stripey and polka dot things because they go out of ultra on trend to manky looks about 10 years out of date.  But lo and behold, they always come back around again really quickly.

Lastly, because I own loads of leopard print things, I need a neutral furry coat, because mixing prints with the coat of dreams II is pretty much a NOOOO.  This brown one from Evans, £75, is looking like a winner, but I find that Evans have real short arms. 

Looking at the wishlist, I really just want to wear some panelled leggings with oversized green or black tops, not that inspiring eh?

EDIT: Since writing this post on Saturday,  I bought the panel leggings which are FIT, but the green jumper is a shapeless sack.  Pictures will follow........


  1. Love the jumper! Keep being your fabulous self darling.

    - Marisa

  2. excited for pictures to follow..

    love all of your picks. ESPECIALLY since I am 6'2... so I can look to you for inspiration!!



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