Monday, 21 November 2011

(I Need Your) Love Action

Omgz another WIWT post?!  Yeah that is how I am rolling right now.  This was Friday morning though before I got changed into my pj's for Children In Need.  I tried this outfit on last Saturday night before we were supposed to go out to a gig, a cropped denim jacket and listening to Soul II Soul whilst getting ready, it was like the 90's in my house, I was so ready to go out, but when I got to the ATM, my funds had other ideas.  I wasted a real good outfit.  But nevermind eh I get to recreate it for you here!  So, I am wearing the lovely sports barbie leather leggings.  I love them so much, even when I wore them to Westfield and I had to keep pulling them up (I think I have stretched them out a bit).  Pulling up leggings ALL DAY LONG was not the best thing I have ever had to endure, but I got ALL my Christmas shopping done and spent load of money in MAC. 

Westfields was amazing, except I wouldn't ever advise anyone to wear Primark biker boots round for 5 hours, or your feet bleed like in that episode of friends, and you can't physically walk any more and have to shuffle your feet on the floor instead of picking them up.

So asides from the ASOS leggings, the rest of this outfit is really old. The denim jacket is from the New Look fat bit, Boots are Primark Wide Fit, and then the T Shirt is this crazy thing from Topshop years ago with mushrooms on it, I often wear it to bed, and once I wore it here, when I was fresh faced and young, T shirt memories FTW.

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