Sunday, 22 April 2012

Charlie Chalk

I dyed my hair again, as I got bored.  It was a bit of a to do, as no hair dresser wanted to touch the bright Rhianna red and said it would fall out if we went brown and dip dyed bleached ends that I wanted.  I knew this to be utter bollocks. So I used the trusty COLOUR B GONE stuff and it totally stripped my hair of all redness and went a lovely caramel blonde colour.

 from this to.....


This then upset my hairdresser as she said putting brown on top of this lovely blonde make it go khaki, and she would need to put another red on top.  At this point I felt like stabbing someone a little bit.  Having dyed my own hair for so long, I know what it is capable of and I just wanted to say NO, NO IT WON'T, JUST DIP DYE MY HAIR FFS.  Also the junior had only booked me in for a 30 mins all over colour, so the hairdresser didn't even have enough time to sort it out. So we made a plan to have an all afternoon appointment the next monday.  I thought to myself, ok, I can cope with having orangey caramel hair for the weekend, despite having a birthday in Chalk Farm the next day.

Very luckily, my pal Chantelle got very excited about an internet phenomenon that I had not heard of called "chalking".  There are thousands of youtube videos and tumblr pictures dedicated to showing you how to do it, but it is very simply, wetting some chalk (or pastels as I would have called them) and rubbing it up your hair.  The problem with the colour b4 stuff is that if you leave it like that, your hair gets progressively more orange, so I welcome the chalking to make it look less like dirty skank self bleached hurr look.  The results were amazing: 

I must add that it is a very messy process, so gloves and a towel are a must. Also Chantelle found that rather than having wet hair, it is best to wet the chalk itself.  I think either way works, but wet chalk and chair is the best combo.  Chantelle had almost black hair, and a sky blue came up easily as good if not better than the pink, so any hair colour will work wonders.  It came out in 2 washes or so, but I think because my hair was particularly porus after the colour b4 it stuck around longer than it should of, and again because it was straw blonde, I had to condition it an awful lot after.  I did really enjoy this, having pink ends without the commitment made me feel about 15 again, without the angst, which surely can only be a good thing?

P.S I didn't go for a dip dye in the end, we did a dirty blonde with weird bits of brown in random colours half way down my hair and underneath, so I look like a surfer, esp when curly.  I am very happy with it. 

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  1. I've literally just accidentally dyed my hair black! I'm just about to go wash it with washing up liquid....might have to try some of this colour b gone stuff! x


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