Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Boohoo Plus Size Collection

Boohoo have launched their new plus size collection named boohoo plus.  Similarly to other online stores recently launching PS collections (like Mangos 'Violeta') it only goes up to a 24.  I feel like this is a bit of a shame, because I don't know one plus size girl that is 100% always one size.  I have things in my wardrobe ranging from a 16-26, mainly because of the non standardised sizes between shops, things in stretchier fabric fit me more, and sometimes I like things to be baggier or tighter.  I guess if I had to say my ~true size it would be a 22/24.  Unlike other PS collections, everything is under £30.  Which is fantastic for my (and every single other person I know) austere life style at the moment,

I have never bought from Boohoo before, mainly because they didn't cater to my size, but the things they have in the collection actually sparked my interest.  These are things I would wear!  I have picked a few things from the collection that I liked the best.

Absolutely my favourite thing in the collection.  Garish, tight, bodycon and patterned, it looks like it wouldn't sit too short on my 6"1 body either.  Is £18.00.  I bought a similar dress in Primark for £5.00 recently, in pinks and purples and greens but has short capped sleeves, I enjoy that this is like a tight oversized long sleeve t shirt.

The word jegging actually frightens me a bit because that suggest super stretchy jeans that don't stay up, but the item description says they are futuristic leggings.  Now I need more patterned leggings in my life like I need a hole in the head, but the ones purchased from Primark and Domino Doll house are just not long enough for me, and I like to wear my tights and leggings quite high up, to hold my belly in and so I am not having to lunge or pull them up constantly.  £16.00 is cheaper than I have seen other brands so similar stuff, and I don't mind paying more for leggings if they are better quality.

Bodycon midi skirts are pretty much the staple part of my wardrobe, the description says it is stretchy which is how I like it.  My knees are a lot chubbier than the models so I would expect it to hug that area nicely.  The tucked in t shirt that the model is wearing is exactly what I would plan for this skirt. It is £12.00 which is frankly amazing.  H&M don't even do their bodycon skirts that cheap.  

OMG this dress though.  I love mesh and panels and with that little 90's rucksack and trainers.  I might have changed my mind and this is my favourite piece, however it would be something I would need to try on before confirming that.  Description says stretchy again which is a thumbs up for this fatty with a belly.  Its also £18.00.

Genuinely don't know if I have ever seen something that is so stereotypically a straight size dress that flooded the likes of New Look and Topshop a few years ago, in plus sizes.  I am very excited about this, I always wanted a bandage dress, I have no idea if it will suit me because I have not had the opportunity to wear one before.  This 100% feels like a clubbing dress, without those shoes though, but with that leather jacket.  The back of the dress has a nice cut out detail as well, most expensive thing I have picked at £20.00 

This collection excites me very much and I will hopefully have some posts of me wearing some of these pieces in the next few weeks.  


  1. Wow, this looks awesome. I hadn't even bothered checking out Boohoo's plus size because I think at first it was the same as Pink Clove. (I may be mixing places up tbh.) Nice to see some designs that could be from the straight size section. I needs me that black midi dress. Hope it thrives and they bump up the size selection.

  2. Oh god that pink bandage dress. Yes!!!!


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