Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fuck Yeah Babes Eating in Public

Apologies for lack of blogging last week, BHC has been crazy busy doing an order for the fantastic Lady Cheek and her Burlesque school 'the Cheek of it', and we helped out Hayley at Bonjour Blogger last week doing the Saturday round up.  One of the blogs we featured is the focus of this post supposed to go out last week, run by the awesome Alice (who food blogs at Smokin Tofu) 'Fuck Yeah Babes Eating in Public' which is purely pictures and submissions of women eating in public.  

Alice eating a fruit tart 

I know as a fat babe there is a stigma around a fat women eating in public, you get stares, and sometimes even under the breath comments.  You know what they are thinking, they are thinking 'should SHE really be eating THAT?' because obviously fat people should be denied any food at all.  However its not just fat women that feel this stigma, even from the tender age of 13 I recall a girlfriend of mine refusing to hang out at McDonalds before the cinema because they didn't want the boy they fancied seeing them eat.  This is utterly ridiculous and another awful social 'shaming' fat babes have to endure.  Alice is giving a big fuck you to this, by celebrating all sorts of babes EATING ALL THE FOOD! 

I submitted some pictures of my adventures in Bristol last week, where I had my hair cut by the fantastic Gemma at Harry Blades & Angry Daves (more on that on my next post), and went for a pulled pork roll at Grillstocks stall in St Nicks.    

I also visited Atomic Burger on Gloucester Road in Bristol, who do the most fantastic burgers, in a restaurant that is adorned with every awesome toy from the 70s, 80s and 90s and plays 80s and 90's music and cartoons on a loop on a projector.  

If you want to submit a picture of you eating some food you can do so here.  We will do our outfit of the week on Saturday this time instead of Friday! 


  1. I also wanna go to Atomic Burger so bad, maybe we should do a South West Bloggers munchfest!!!!

  2. This is an awesome post! I too have (shamefully!) never sampled atomic burger's delights, despite living at the top of Gloucester road for a whole year...


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