Friday, 14 March 2014

This mellow thighed chick just put my spine out of place

Pink Condom Hat from Primark
Long Cami Vest from Primark
Pastel Lilac Shorts from New Look Inspire 
Plaid Shirt New Look Inspire 
Wool Tights from H&M
Loafers from New Look Wide Section
"Rich" Necklace present from Arched Eyebrow   

When I started to get emails from the highstreet retailers saying 'grunge is back' I admittedly thought pfft well it never left my wardrobe.  The purple plaid shirt, for example, is something I found in New Look Inspire about 5 years ago just in the sale rack for about £3 and I snatched it up because I knew I wouldn't get my chance to find something that looked like Chris Cornell owned it, and it was in my size.  Athough you can't get that exact one in the shops anymore, there are loads like it.  

The lilac shorts were from last year.  Being fat, I always tried to avoid shorts because I refused to get my legs out, but then I found these shorts and I just YOLO'd it.  I lived in these all summer and I will probably do the same this year.  I went out with bare legs and the world didn't end, no one shouted at me, it was amazing.  

I wasn't sure whether to team this outfit with my DMs or my awesome loafers but I felt the loafers femmed it up a bit more.  These loafers are AMAZING, from New Look wide section in 9 and have quite a chunky heel but do not hurt what so ever when walking around all day, and don't make me loom like a giant, which is something I find happens to me quite a bit.  

Close up of my face and my amazing rich necklace, I am wearing Criminal MUA lip lacquer.

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  1. Frickin love it!!! Love Grunge never left me either, I think I am deffo stuck in the 90's loving the Bowie ref too x

  2. Love this, especially those pastel shorts. I think I was too young to enjoy grunge the first time around, but I'm glad its come back as a big trend so we can stock up on awesome clothes. :)


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