Monday, 26 May 2014

Introducing Palm Bling

Once again it has been a while since I blogged, but Black Heart Creatives has been taking steps forward recently with some new ideas, being accepted on the Princes Trust scheme (which is very exciting!) and working on a new season collection!  I want to introduce 'Palm Bling' for you today and some of the new ideas in future posts.

It appears that things I have always enjoyed ascetically like pineapples and flamingos and all things tropical have become ~on trend this season. I knew back in January the kinds of pieces I wanted to do but with so much inspiration around I feel I was able to be more innovative than the concepts in my mind. We had several names for the collection like Miami Nice, Laguna Bitch, Hex on the Beach but Palm Bling won out.  I liked the almost pop art/lowbrow feel the  'Live Fast Die Yum' collection and  I wanted to carry that through into Palm Bling but I also wanted to keep it simple with three main components; Flamingo, Palm Trees and Pineapples  but then offer versatility in how you can wear them.  For example several people commented that they loved Live Fast Die Yum but weren't that into statement necklaces, but were more into large earrings.  Keeping that in mind Palm Bling has up to four different ways you can wear each piece.   

The Palm Tree necklace and earrings embody everything I think about Miami, gold and over the top these are total luxury bitch pieces and would make a statement at the beach, in da club or just even down to the corner shop. Both the earrings and necklace can be made in mirrored or matte gold.

"Fiiiiiineapple" Necklace

Large, juicy  and etched in either matte or mirrored gold and then backed on to black, the contrast of the Pineapple necklace epitomises the glamour of the hot and tropical.  We offer variants of the pineapple in drop and stud earrings and also a brooch to complete your look.

These alter a bit from the necklace, as they are not backed on to black for a contrast.  They are small and understated, easy to wear every day, and probably my favourite pieces of the collection along with their flamingo counter part.  As well as mirrored and matte gold the studs also come in our transparent neon colours (notoriously hard to photograph) orange and yellow.  

Like the studs, the Fiiiiiineapple drop earrings come in mirrored and matte gold as well as our neon colours, unlike the studs these are bigger and are definitely more of a statement.  

Although kitschy, this Pink Flamingo necklace certainly doesn't belong in your front garden! Cut in baby pink and backed on to black acrylic for that superb contrast look, he is large and ostentatious without being gaudy. We also have stud and drop flamingo earrings below! 

Small and delicate, these flamingo silhouette studs are more subtle than their necklace and drop earring cousins so you can wear them all day long.  These are definitely become a staple part of my summer pastel wardrobe. 

Somewhere in-between the necklace and the studs, the Pink Flamingo drop earrings have small amounts of detail and large amounts of kitsch, using gold findings finishes off the look. 

To celebrate Palm Bling launching we have an exclusive 20% off everything code for you today, just use PALMBLING20 at the checkout.  (Offer runs out at midnight tonight) 


  1. I love it so much, but I need a neon yellow pineapple necklace in my life!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am almost positive that I can do this for you, give me an email telling me what you want and I can set you up a bespoke listing <3

    2. Hi sent it as a message on the contact part of your webpage x


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