Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Black to a wedding

This is a *bit* of a wish list, but at the same time its more of a revelation which I have another post on later this week.  I am attending a twitter wedding next month(!) of the Queen of lipstick Alex who blogs here and her husband to be Robin. So now starts the task to find an outfit that is wedding guest appropriate and comfortable for an entire day, and weather worthy.  Throw in that I am also fat and I am also 6'1"it makes finding outfits for events like this generally a nightmare.

I usually go for a poofy lined dress, but looking back on pictures of previous weddings and outfits I have learned that the photos that make me most unhappy with how I look I am wearing something that is lined or has a full skirt.  Things that make me happy are usually a lot more tight fitting.  So in my long search for something long, wedding guest sufficient and tight I have found this dress from Lovedrobe at Simply Be.  It appears that it will come to my knee, so no knicker flashing when I bend down, its body con, and black (a must for this goth) but with elegant lace detail.  I have styled it with a really cute box clutch from New Look and some ambitious wide fit heels also from New Look.  

I have also added some pieces I have been mucking around with on the laser that are old style single cut diamonds, which will be some earrings and a hair clip which will go on the side of my awesome new french twist I have perfected with the french twist tool.  Normally you can never follow the instructions on these things and I feel they are a waste of money, but I managed to do it whilst in the car without any problems.  Highly recommend!


  1. This outfit is going to be SPECTACULAR! What the heck is a "twitter wedding"?!

    1. haha! It is a wedding of people I met on twitter, with lots of guests who are all friends on twitter!


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