Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Lush Cribbs Causeway Bloggers Event

I was very kindly invited to Lush Cribbs Causeway to try out their new summer product range and have a general look round the store last Friday, which I must say was very different to my usual Friday night.  Like a lot of the other bloggers there we had all used Lush products before, but mainly bath bombs or things we had received at Christmas, so during our visit I was really surprised to learn at how extensive the Lush range actually is.

The new summer range has lots of innovative products that protect your skin and hair from the sun, and some (so I was informed) like the sesame suntan lotion even uses natural ingredients to encourage a suntan without burning.  I am lucky in the sense that I don't burn easily and have darker skin, so it was advised that I would prefer this product over the bar (pictured below) and it can be used just like a moisturiser.  I have to say this smelt like peanut butter and I have been using it like my every day moisturiser but it has SPF which is very cool, plus I smell like peanut butter  and this can only be a plus.  

The sunblock bar is pretty awesome, as you just use it like a soap bar in the bath or shower in the morning and then you are protected! You rub it over yourself hard and then it creates a barrier, wash off the residue and you are away, it even goes up to 30 SPF.  

As I moved round the store I came to the hair care section and I was shown some things that really sparked my interest; dry shampoo.

I use dry shampoo every day I don't wash my hair and I wash my hair once a week, sometimes every ten days depends on if I have blow dried it and straightened it (which generally gives it a bit more lifespan).  Therefore I have tried quite a few different brands, and I have stuck with Batiste because it works for me.  I have used a loose powder before but it didn't make my hair very nice at all, unlike 'no drought' and it is the only dry shampoo I have ever used that makes me hair smell nice and not like chemicals or that tell tale dry shampoo smell. I was advised that grapefruit and cornflour work to absorb the oil, and I have used it a few times since and can highly recommend it, but it does take a bit more work to massage in and brush out than a spray.  

Sheandhem in the background of this soap mountain

The most fun (aside from talking to all the staff at Lush) was making our own face mask 'Catastrophe Cosmetic'.  It was like a really good science class, and we got to squish blueberries which was so satisfying and mush it all into a big ball.  I believe Sheandhem (who I made the mask with) got some better photos of this because I was pretty preoccupied with doing the squishing and pummelling, I actually think I over worked it some what.  Aside from bath bombs and christmas packages, I do use one Lush product 'cosmic warrior' which is garlic based and great for spots. It has always worked for me so I will be interested to see what the one I made is like. 

I was completely unaware that Lush did a make up range, I am pretty devoted to MAC and benefit, but had a cosmetic reading whilst I was there.  Apparently the range is based on emotions.  As my resting emotion is trashy goth I was quite interested to see what happened. 

After I imagined myself in a calm place and spun the wheel I picked the three colours that stood out to me, which were all pretty complimentary of each other considering.  Sadly I don't think I they are necessarily very me.

The event was so lovely, it was great to be able to walk around Lush, which is usually very busy, and have a good look at all the products.  I think though the entire night was so enjoyable because all the people that worked there were just so sweet.  They were all able to tell me really detailed things about the products, how and why they worked but without sounding like they were repeating a sales pitch they had learned by heart, I think you could tell they were invested in the products.  They were also really easy to talk to, and I think we recruited some people to blog club! 

Thank you so much Lush Cribbs for having me, I had such a great time and you are all just the absolute cutest <3 

All sun care advice was given by Lush, please ensure you read the labels and stay sun safe when using any sun care product

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