Monday, 22 September 2014

These are a few of my favourite things

Sonic Youth T Shirt: Stables Camden

I like putting outfits together in my head and thinking this will be a great blog post, but today I was wearing my three most favourite items in my wardrobe for a meeting and thought this looks BADASS so I thought I would show you.  

Pink Blazer

I love a blazer.  I recall wearing a lot of blazers during 2002-2004 and I am pleased to announce that a decade on I currently own 7 blazers, and in fact two of these pink blazers.  I thought I had lost it about 6 weeks ago, bought a replacement and then found it in the loft amongst summer things I had put away.  Oh well.  

Sonic Youth T Shirt 

I wrote about how much I wanted a goo t shirt on this blog all the way back in 2011, and then I bought it not long after. I love this album, I love sonic youth and I love how I cut the sleeves off and it looks great with every single thing I own.  

H&M Body Con Pencil Skirt 

I have blogged A LOT about this staple part of my wardrobe, but I cannot live without it.  I have it in a plum colour and stripes but the black one wins out all the time.  It is stretchy but holds its body con shape despite having 20+ washes and being worn to death.  

All together this is my favourite ensemble, it looks smart enough for a casual business meeting but still stays true to my sense of style and ascetic.  I teamed with my size 2 100D evans tights and Dr Martens, River Island skull watch and Black Heart Creatives burger necklace! 

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