Friday, 31 October 2014


I am all set for Halloween, I have painted my nails so it looks like drippy blood, I have my costume ready, in fact I have been ready all month. This is my final instalment of Halloween on the High Street and you can see my posts on my skull dress and knee high socks here, and that Asos ghost dress here, but I have left best till last.

Scuba Peplum Top : New Look (sold out!)
Bone Leggings : Asos Curve (sold out!)
Dr Martens 

My Asos curve bone leggings came at the start of the month and I have only taken them off to wash them pretty much.  They are really long in the leg *and* body part, which is great because I really like pulling leggings and tights up to under my boobs, and not having ankle swingers which is pretty much an impossible thing for me to find.  They are also really soft and thick without being too warm.  All in all I love them, and I think they are just the right amount of goth rather than Halloween to wear all year round! 

I am also still feeling the peplum! It just really suits my body shape and makes me feel great, although this is scuba and has bobbled a little bit which is sad but I find scuba material pulls quite easily.  This was in New Look in the sale for £6! 

Black Heart Creatives has a sale now on all our Halloween products for the next seven days, then they are gone till next year (to make way for Christmas products!) so you can check them out here! 

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