Monday, 15 December 2014

Black Heart Creatives Acrylic Jewellery Making Workshop

Over the summer I decided I wanted to share my skills and do something fun and affordable for people; my own jewellery workshop, which would let people create something bespoke and unique, like what I do with Black Heart Creatives. So in July I practiced with Bethany from Arched Eyebrow and a mutual friend and we made tropical charm necklaces, which everyone loved.  It was interesting to see how fast my friends worked (not as fast as I anticipated!) and how easy it was for them to grasp opening and closing jump rings and using tools, I learned a lot from watching them and how I would go about teaching people skills I use every day without thinking about them.

Summer came and went quite quickly, so by the time I got myself together it was over and it didn't feel right to set up a summer necklace workshop, so Halloween it was! I set up two workshops; one in my home town Hemel and one at Barsmith in Farringdon, London.  I had prepared a suggested method for making the charm necklace, but I had not anticipated anyone making their own variations! People borrowed from each other and came up with such innovative designs that I would never have come up with.  Since then I have been so busy, and blogging has taken a bit of back seat again so I was unable to blog about it again!

The thoroughly gorgeous Beth with her necklace which she added some extra chain and an extra charm to on the bottom

So here we are midway through December, and another jewellery workshop took place yesterday at Bar Smith.  This time the theme was Christmas, winter and snowflakes. Once again everyone was given the same pack of snowflakes to make earrings and a necklace and once again everyone made something completely different.  It is very inspiring to see people make things you yourself would not have been able to think of.

Arched Eyebrow Bethany snatched a mega white snowflake to add to her necklace from our odds and sods pile 

The latest workshop sold out in two days, which was incredibly flattering for me, lots of people missed out because they didn't see the tickets advertised, so here is an advance warning that the next one will be around Valentines day at Barsmith.  Bristol fans will also be pleased that we have finally secured a venue with the Crazy Fox in Broadmead for a Valentines day themed one too!

Little baby Jasmine went from small to big, to small to extra large with her charms! 

So I will leave you with more pictures of the beautiful babes that came and had fun! If you are interested in coming to the next workshop, you can email BHC at just let us know if you would like to attend the London or the Bristol event and we will put your name on a waiting list, and email you 24 hours before the tickets become live to the public! 

Dom also bagged an odds and sods gigantic snowflake to make probably the ultimate statement necklace at the workshop

Gabi added chain between each of her charms and it looked amazing! 

Close of up Gabi's necklace 

Beautiful babe Katie made really long earrings on chain 

Bridget modelling her dangly earrings and necklace and the Christmas tree looking so gleeful I wanna squeeze her!

Sally added her two matte silver charms to the full necklace as pendants (also check out the amazing cocktail!)

Lauren also added charms on to her necklace as pendants and made dangly earrings too

Eli stuck with the recommended necklace, but made her earrings small and petite 


  1. oh my word everyone looks so cute! those necklaces are amazing! Hope I can make it to the Bristol Valentines event!

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