Friday, 5 December 2014

Sourz event at Bleach & Giveaway!

I have been a bad blogger! With moving house, Halloween, workshops, and then Christmas creeping up very quickly I have not had time to blog about much! However now I am a bit more settled I can go back to my Tuesday admin day which always includes blogging!

In October (yes I realise this is extremely late!) I was kindly invited to a Sourz event at the Bleach salon in Dalston.  Sourz kindly provided a barman to provide us with new shots and also surprisingly long drinks, which I hadn't had before and would almost definitely drink again.

We were then given the opportunity to make our own cocktails, using whatever combinations we liked, I mixed the cherry and apple flavour with some lemonade, I was expecting it to taste overly sugary like an alcohopop but it was really drinkable! As a person who can't really consume alcohol without it tasting very sweet, long drinks from the Sourz were really nice, especially when two flavours were mixed.

Then the Bleach girls very kindly did some hair chalking with their new hair crayon chalks, I bought my friend Chantelle with me, and her hair is really thick and dark, and the colours were still really vibrant on her and really easy to use.  In the past Chantelle and I have used pastels we have bought from art supply shops, but these didn't dry our hair out like those and also if you put in enough it lasted out two washes!

Massive thank you to a very old friend, Adele from Stripe Communications for inviting us to the event, huge apologies on the delay in getting this out for you!

For the giveaway I very luckily have been given...

x2 bottles of Sourz new toffee apple drink 
x1 pink Bleach London hair crayon
x1 red Bleach London hair crayon, 
x1 Black Heart Creatives necklace!  

You must be 18 or over to enter and you can enter the usual ways via rafflecoptor, winner will be announced on Friday 12th December at 9pm, hair crayons and necklace will be sent to the winner directly by me, and Sourz via Stripe Communications.

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  1. LOVE SOURS! Definitely want to try mixing some flavours, never thought of that before! xx

  2. Aahh this is such a fun giveaway! I love Sourz :D x



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