Friday, 20 February 2015

My Little Frenchie Box Review

Ever since I cancelled my Crafty Creatives subscription box, I have been lusting for something to fill the void.  I cancelled Crafty Creatives because I felt that the boxes were getting repetitive or were filled with things I couldn't really use and then they changed the formula of the boxes that were not to my taste at all. So when I found My Little Box, being described as a cross between beauty and cosmetics and almost craft pieces I was sold. However when it arrived, I was not. 

I am not sure what I was expecting, but what I received was just, poor.  It is beautifully packaged, and all the items were of good quality, but just not very me, and to be honest everyone I have shown said they weren't very them either, and I couldn't use any of the products. 

'My Little' are a brand all themselves, and each monthly box contains some of their exclusive beauty products.  This month was 'described as “a light face tint for girls-on-the-go, who want a glowing complexion in seconds'.  It came out a strange peach colour and to be honest did absolutely nothing for my skin what so ever.  I expected it to give it  dewy glow, but no.  A L’Oreal Paris brow pencil: the box said I would get a coloured one, but in fact I got clear, and as a religious HD brow kind of person, this was disappointing.  The eyeliner was my favourite piece, ‘By Terry’ waterproof kohl pencil, mine came in black and had some gold metallic flecks in it, and it would not come off, but again it was a bit heavy for every day use.  There was also some blotting paper, which was probably the most useful thing for me, although the postcard mentioned that quote that I hate about horses sweat, men perspire and woman merely glow, but some glow more than others.  Yeah, I just sweat a lot. 
The next item in the box was 'Les Petits mots d’Ines is' a tiny glass stopper bottle, filled with inspirational quotes and style advice.  Now, I knew that My Little Box was close to the line of what I could stomach for twee, but this really was just bits of paper rolled up with jump rings that said inspirational unhelpful stuff on them.  This was by far the worst thing in the box and made me cringe.

The final product in the box was a fabric smart phone case.  Now I am on my phone constantly, for my business and the 1000 times I check twitter every day, so I didn't feel like this particular case was efficient for me as it was quite difficult to get in and out quickly.  However, if I was commuting I think this would be great to hold your oyster card, phone and another card all together, but again, just not very me!

I was let down by My Little Frenchie Box, I feel like it was possibly too twee for me, so I cancelled my subscription. However if you liked what you saw on this post, My Little Box is£11 per month, plus £3.95 P+P. I have ordered Glossy Box and Birch Box in hope that I can find something that fits what I want.  The search for the perfect subscription box continues!


  1. My only subscription box I recieve is from Lucky Dip, it usually has some personalised item, some paper items and a themed item per box. I've never chosen any beauty boxes because I never think I'd use the items enough to justify getting a new box each month even if they are sample sizes! Hope you find a box to suit your needs!

  2. Just found your blog and I'm in love! I'm so pleased there are other people out there that aren't twee, I know they exist I just can't seem to find them on the internet, it tends to be the complete flipside! I'd love it if there was a subscription box people that like cool shit! I'm excited to see your next reviews!



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