Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fat Clothes Swap London

So way back in January I attended the London Fat Positive clothes swap organised by Kirsty (I do feel like I am forever catching up with things that happened blog posts at the moment but this fits nicely in for those of you wanting to attend the next one!).

When I started plus size blogging, one of the things I enjoyed the most was sharing resources with other fats, where you could find awesome things in places you would suspect, because fashionable plus size clothes were and still are a precious commodity.  So the swap is a brilliant way for fats to get access to all sorts of different clothes and accessorises that you would not necessarily be able to obtain.

The swap is gender neutral, and also works on a donate and take what you can basis! So you can bring a big bag of clothes, take a big bag of clothes, or you don't need to even bring anything to the swap to bring clothes home.  Any left over clothes or clothes that are specifically work wear are given to The Circle, a charity who supply interview clothes for low income and job seekers.  As usual, plus size clothes are always in short supply so anything that you would consider appropriate for work you can bring in a separate bag to be handed in to the amazing Kirsty.  Then you dish out your clothes on the size appropriate tables and start your search for some gems!

I did get there a bit late, so I assume some of the great in demand things had already been taken, but I was still able to bag lots of great pieces.  My absolute favourite was this simply be denim shirt, I have not stopped wearing it.  I have a denim shirt from Evans but it never does up without bursting open.  Thank you to who ever donated this!  I also got this thick black cardigan, that I have been alternating with every shirt that I own.

I also picked up two pairs of jeans. Avid readers of my blog and twitter followers will know that I gave up wearing jeans about six years ago.  I was so fed up of none fitting me properly without going baggy at the knee, and forever being pulled up, or wearing a belt that cuts me in half in the middle and fits in the leg.  The same thing happened with these, but again the swap benefits again!

I am also showing off my new Doc Martens which I have hardly worn because breaking them in is the most torturous task of all time, but they are beautiful aren't they?

For me even though I only got a few pieces that I wear regularly, I got more joy giving a massive bag to other fats and a dedicated charity of things that were just sitting in my wardrobe not being worn, and socialising with other plus size babes.

I am really sad I can't attend the next one on Sunday 15th March, as London is a bit far to come this  month, but I have a big bag for the next one, and if you can get there this weekthen I urge you go, eat the cake on sale, try on clothes and mingle with other awesome plus size people! More information can be found here! 

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