Monday, 9 March 2015

This is Cotswolds

I am feeling very This is England  with my bettie bangs cut in again.  I always worry that I get that 50's vibe from having it, but i needn't ever worry because I always end up looking like a bovver bird which is my ideal ascetic anyway.

I am in love with this jumper over sized shirt all in one from New Look inspire.  I was looking to buy separates, but an all in one in plus size means the shirt doesn't constrict me underneath and it is baggy enough to wear whilst slumming it indoors but still looks great with a put together outfit.  My only teensy issue with it is that the black seriously runs into the collar and cuffs when washing so it leaves it a bit grey.  Also I do wish I had sized down with it, but to be honest I am so in love with it I am probably going to buy another.

Despite being no jeans bloc, I do often crave a jeans look to an outfit, so these mottled acid wash jeggings did the trick.  I bought these grey ones and then thought I should have sized down again because they constantly need pulling up, so I bought a blue pair in the next size down but I think it might be the way they are made maybe because they do the same thing?  If anyone has the secret for non rolling down jeggings I would shower them with gifts.

I made my huge burger necklace for some promo shots I took of myself.  It seems recently I have done a few interviews and had a few profiles of me done and they always want a picture, and I never really have any good quality ones of me wearing my jewellery(!)  The burger necklace is my favourite collection piece I have ever made and it is always fitting as I am always talking about plus size fashion in these sorts of things!


  1. Loving the This is England vibe. All in all a great outfit, can't help you with the jeggings as have never owned a pair. The necklace is fantastic and on my lust list x

  2. Great post honey, I love the lipstick, Please Me is one of my faves. I wear ASOS pull on jeggings and they dont roll down at all xxx


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