Sunday, 17 May 2015

When you aren't so sure.... ASOS Curve Cage Dress

Tights - Evans 100D size 2 (they don't stock them online during summer!) 

You know when you buy something that you have seen on others and seen online and you think I am gonna look amazing in this, and then you try it on and you don't feel a million bucks? That is what happened with this ASOS Curve cage dress.  I got it for Bristol Fashion week, tried it on with some fake knee high suspender tights and my amazing white spice girl shoes, took some photos and it just looked all wrong. More than wrong actually, I hated the way I looked and that is a no go for an outfit! I even showed other bloggers and I had a mixed reception, and as Bethany said, you already made your bloody mind up Charlotte no one can change that but you! 

So I was going to send it back, but I am really terrible at doing that so it sat by my front door for a month and I kept saying I must do that, but never did.  So as it was mine forever, I thought about it again, and decided to re style it.  Those tights I bought were not for me, they kept twisting around, and the shoes were too contrasting with the black.  The dress is not fitted either, it is boxy and I don't like having little to no shape and that startled me when I looked in the mirror, BODYCON OR DEATH.  I am not one for putting a belt round my middle a la gok wan either.  So I decided to wear my hair up for some added height, do 100 denier tights and try some new gold flats I bought in the New Look sale and make myself all nice and take a lot of photos.  

I am so glad I did this because right before I went out to take them I had a compliment from my mother in law (who never ever comments on clothes!) so that gave me a spring in my step, and the shoot came out great! I also wore this outfit on Thursday to the American Football gig and at the end a lady came up to me and told me she had been thinking all evening how great I looked in the dress and how she wanted to tell me! I nearly shed a tear. 

So I don't think you should rely on other peoples compliments, but when you get them when you are feeling a tiny bit self conscious there is nothing better in this world! 


  1. I love the way you styled this dress, the gold toned touchs are very cool. I get this feeling about clothes a lot because we expect to get what we see and mentally putting it on our bodies does not always match up to reality especially when plus size models are pretty flat and toned plus sized people.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award thingy btw. :)


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