Friday, 21 August 2015

August BirchBox Review

A while back I blogged about subscription boxes.  I had been a long time subscriber of a craft box but found that I was just clogging up space with things I didn't really like, or would probably ever use. I always thought a pure cosmetic or beauty box wouldn't be for me as I wouldn't always use half the thing, so I tried My Little Box, a mixture of craft, lifestyle and beauty, turns out that was really not for me at all either.  I was beginning to feel a bit like Goldilocks, so I narrowed it down to GlossyBox and BirchBox and agreed with my Mum that she would get GlossyBox and I BirchBox and we would open them together on Skype and swap and share what we got each month.

I feel bad because it seems like my Mum drew the short straw because all the things she got in hers for three months seemed really poor compared to what BirchBox were giving me.  So she cancelled and I carried on! I feel like I finally found what I was looking for with BirchBox, yes some months are worse than others, but I have had 7 boxes now and I am always happy with the majority of the contents. You can also tailor your box to suit your skin and hair and cosmetics needs and preferences, and their points reward scheme is so good, I have already earned free products!

This months box was emoji themed and the box was my absolute favourite design so far.  Inside was not one of my favourite months but still a good variety all the same.

This product is Huygens exfoliating Cream, used by Queen Beyonce herself (apparently) as facial scrub that uses rice powder particles so as not to be too harsh.  I assume this was for your face as that is where I used it this evening. It foams up on damp skin and is really minty, it smells quite normal in the pot but on your skin it really stinks.

Normally after a face exfoliant I expect my skin to feel tingly or raw or at least extra silky smooth after, especially with a mint based product but it didn't. I didn't cleanse after like I normally would but I did tone and moisturise after and my skin doesn't feel smooth and silky like it usually does.  Wouldn't use again personally but if you have sensitive skin I think this is probably a goer.

The next product was Ritual Fortune Scrub, which I used in the shower next.  It says its made of Cedar and Oranges and had a reasonably pleasant smell.  It came out in a gel paste with exfoliating bobbles, but took quite a long time to foam up.  

Again like the face scrub, it wasn't harsh enough on my skin, it didn't feel particularly exfoliated or smooth after, I have used more extreme products.  I would use this again as a shower gel for every day use, but not if I wanted to do some hardcore scrubbing. 

I have been using Body Shops ginger shampoo to soothe my scalp for the past 6 months, as it is the only shampoo that works for sensitive scalps and doesn't seem to strip the red out of my hair in 3 or 4 washes, so I was a bit dubious to try something new.  The Kebelo clarifying shampoo smelled really chemically, but didn't sting my scalp or strip my hair colour out and my hair is really shiny! 

I was really excited to get this Lord and Berry Blusher, I got a lipstick crayon from them in a previous box and I love it!

 I have only swatched it, but it looks perfect for me as I like a pink tone to it.  If it is anything like the lipstick crayon then I imagine it is long lasting.

Laura Mercier is another brand introduced to me via BirchBox.  I am currently using their foundation primer which I find a bit thin but it does the job.  I haven't actually had a chance to use this mascara yet, as I am contending with mac, benefit bad gal and urban decays fake lash style one.  The box also came with stickers and a hair bobble, which I am sure I will have uses for.

BirchBox is £10.00 per month with £2.95 shipping (inside the UK) and unlike other subscription boxes you can sign up at any time during the month and receive that months box, and also cancel at any time!

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