Monday, 24 August 2015

eBay Plus Size Finds #2

Last month I posted about finding brand new Plus Size clothes on eBay here.  Finding affordable basics or even key fashion pieces for a Plus Size person as we all know is incredibly limiting and frustrating.  Ebay is basically full of hidden gems, things you won't see on the high street, or the same dress on several different catalogue-esque online shops. 

This month, I went looking for some non pricey key pieces that embrace the 70's trend. It didn't take me long to find absolutely loads and loads of kimonos, and flowy shirts (and quite a few shapeless sack dresses) and all completely affordable.   In fact I found so many things it was really hard narrowing them all down, but I decided to choose my favourite things that went up to the biggest sizes, or that I knew would fit bigger sizes.  

The first thing I chose was this cream kimono, it goes up to a size 24, however as you aren't actually doing it up and it is supposed to be all flowing around you I think this could go up to at least a 26 or 28. My Primark tasseled version is an 'L' and their biggest size is a 20 and it is massive. Adding a kimono to a denim piece is pretty much the epitome of the 70s look and to be honest at £1.69 its worth taking a risk if you are unsure! 

This mustard duster waistcoat was interesting, it came up when I was looking for a camel coat, but I actually found so many then I decided that I would do an entire eBay Plus Size finds dedicated to just coasts.  I haven't actually seen anything like this for fats anywhere, so I this might be the piece I decide to get! Again its another non fastening jacket, so even though it only goes up to a 22, I think it should be a bit more forgiving.

The jumpsuit is the most expensive piece I found but it actually comes in about 20 colours and goes all the way up to a 26. I haven't worn a jumpsuit before as I have always been too afraid that it won't suit me but I really want to try! If thats too expensive then the racer back maxi dress is another really cheap option that comes in lots and lots of colours, and is only £3.97! 

The lace chiffon top is 99p.  That isn't even a pound, and again another key piece I have been lusting after without it being a sack or smock type affair, but haven't found in any of the usual places, it also goes up to a size 26! This is my most favourite piece I found.

Lastly, I wanted to look for a bag, I am not really into fringed satchels, they all look cheap and nasty to me, and I like cheap but it doesn't ned to look nasty! This bag is perfect, and as my vintage cream clutch (featured in my last blog post) is on its last legs this looks like a suitable replacement.

Do you have any favourite Plus Size sellers on eBay? Let me know on twitter @CharlotteBHC <3 

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