Saturday, 19 September 2015

Coats Quandary

This is a bit of an impromptu blog post and I have got an ebay coat special post coming next week, but I really need help committing to my winter coat.  I need to see them all laid out and I would like some opinions! I did buy this one from ebay, and it is great if you aren't 6'1" basically.  The sleeves are just a bit too short for me, which is a shame, but I highly endorse it if you aren't as tall as me! 

I have blogged about my leopard print aka coat of dreams coat so many times (here especially and its back story!) but it is looking very tired now, which is why I am debating This Anna Scholz Leopard Print long coat so much.  The thing is,  I am trying to slowly fill my wardrobe with some more timeless and classic pieces, but my punk self is screaming for this one.

The ASOS Curve vintage fur coat one is kind of an evolution from the leopard print, it fits my alternative and furry ascetic but again do I want to commit to something that won't necessarily be that versatile? 

So this brings me on to the camel coats.  I am very heavily invested in these, or maybe even a lighter mac, but I don't know which one.  I am really into the simply be Camel Light Weight Duster, and I can't see that much difference in that and the New Look Boyfriend one, so I guess this is where I need some input!  Alternatively there is the light weight mac one which I think would look good with the outfit I have for Bristol Fashion week in mind. 

So thats it, I super need your help choosing and committing to one today! 

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  1. I am no help because I am head over heels for the Anna Scholz, its divine and imho leopard print is classic. Though I will say if you're going for a coat you want to go with everything and wear a lot through winter, then faux fur ain't the way to go.Wearing faux fur in the snow is lovely and wintery, wearing faux fur in the rain and slush of England.... less nice and the coat ends up needing loads of drying time and its just not so practical. Unless you are a competent human being unlike me and can keep a brolly with you at all times.

    So as far as the camel coats go, I like number 5 because of the shape, if you want classic, that shape is wear it is at. Hope my rambling was helpful.


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