Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ASOS Curve Skeleton Dress Realness

It is well documented that Halloween is my seasonal Holiday.  So I was beside myself with excitement when ASOS bought out their curve range halloween range earlier this month.  I posted last week about my Halloween accessory picks and also the three other Plus Size Skeleton dresses on offer, and I personally liked this ASOS metallic one best.  

It is the perfect length for an tall fats out there as you can see it comes to my knee and the sleeves come all the way down to my wrists and not some middling level on my forearm.  This was the only metallic option I could find and I think it gives a pleasant change from the usual white print.  I wore this to my Halloween jewellery making workshop on Saturday and I had nothing but compliments.  Sadly I don't really have a party to go to this year, but I think I shall wear it for any Trick or Treaters we will get.  It is undeniably body con so if you can't handle a VBO it isn't for you.  

The necklace is the glitter option of the Black Heart Creatives drippy blood necklace, it does come in standard red too.  Would you believe that this was a last minute addition to the collection and I wasn't sure I was going to put it in?  Turns out it is the biggest selling piece of the entire collection, make you think.  


  1. Gorgeous! Saw this on Instagram and fell in love with the dress. And the necklace is amazing! xx

  2. So beautiful! I saw this dress on Asos around Halloween and I really wanted it. They were all sold out in my size though (not that I could really afford it). You have an amazing blog and you have amazing style. I'm plus size and I don't see many blogs that have alternative style. It's really nice to see a blog that I can relate to style wise. Your style is so cool. I'm really glad I found your blog.


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