Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Plus Size High Street Halloween Picks

It won't really come as any surprise to you that I am heavily invested in Halloween.  Last year I did a series of posts on some Halloween Highstreet outfits, including an ASOS ghost dress here , bone leggings also from ASOS here  and my personal favourite blog post ever, my skull dress from New Look, taken in loads of  Autumn leaves!  I have an awesome outfit post coming up later in the week, but for now I wanted to give you my pick of the best of High Street Halloween accessories.

This year it seems that other brands have caught up a little bit on the Halloween clothes front, but really other than ASOS, if you are Plus Sized it seems you only have a bodycon dress with a skeleton on it to choose from. If you are under a size 18 you got lots and lots of high stree Halloween pieces to choose from and I am more annoyed about this than usual but what can you do but scream into the void?

So going from left to right which is also cheapest to most expensive, Boohoo Skeleton Jersey dress comes in at £18.00 and up to a size 24 . I like this one, the details are interesting, but I do find that Boohoo comes up a bit small on me. Next up is Missguided's short sleeve skeleton dress , and is £20 and also only goes up to a size 24.  To be honest I think the pattern isn't as detailed or as exciting as the other two.  Lastly is Asos Curves body con metallic skeleton dress, which is £25 but goes up to a 28. This is the one I bought for my outfit post, and have taken some awesome photos in.  I can assure you it is long enough, tight enough and pretty amazing in real life.

Let me know if you have found any Plus Size High Street Halloween pieces? Tweet me at @CharlotteBHC <3 


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