Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Feeling Myself... ASOS Curve Jumpsuit review

Black Friday was the most successful weekend BHC ever had, so to reward my hard work I had a little big spend up and embodied Donna and Tom by doing a full day of  TREAT YO SELF, and I did it all in my new ASOS Curve jumpsuit.  I had a pretty drastic hair cut at the amazing Betties & Baldwins in Bristol by the very talented Kadie, and had my nails done at Kaycie Kyle.  Then hit the German Market in Broadmead and then Cabot Circus.  

I bought the jumpsuit on a whim because it looked quite baggy around the crotch but not in that harem pant way, and not tight enough I was going to get mega camel toe, and bonus it had sleeves which is a must for this time of year.  I am tall and fat and to be honest even though I am a firm believer in wear what you want don't worry about flattering, jumpsuit is not typically a tall fat persons friend. There is looking great not giving af then there is looking like a stretched out tight sausage, and the latter had always been my experience.  But not anymore.

This is really the one, I am wearing it right now, because its so comfy you can dress it up and down and wear it all day.  It clings in under the bust and the ankles, and billows out at the hips and thighs, and then managed to cling to your bum again.  I dressed it up to a 30th birthday party with these block heels from New Look, wore it casually with grey pumps and a leather jacket in Bristol, and then for this post just put on my metallic loafers.  I think it would look great with my camel coat, although might be a bit Bowie circa Dancing in the Street. 

I strongly suggest getting this jumpsuit if you haven't got your Christmas party outfit planned because it genuinely is one of those things you can wear ~from the office to the party, or if you are like me, from the workshop to the sofa to the pub.  Another round of applause to ASOS for getting it right again. 

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  1. Definitely get the tall and fat thing ... jumpsuits just don't look as glamorous when you have to hunch your shoulders to get into them and then they disappear up your unmentionables so that you can't actually sit still for more than a second or two at a time due to the discomfort.

    This look really great on you though - I love the neckline ... off I trot to check it out on ASOS!

    C xx


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