Friday, 20 January 2017

Makelight Taster Course: Day 1

When I first started BHC, I was very focused on organic growth and the idea that filling peoples timelines with my products was bad and would turn people off. wrong. I also thought that distancing myself from the brand would be a good thing, also wrong. On the social media side of things I did basic SEO research but nothing focused on the creative side, and just relied on my knack for being semi decent at it all. It is safe to say that nearly 4 years on I have learned some lessons.  

I wouldn't say that I am bad at social media, and I am not being totally self deprecating, I have achieved a lot, but the thing is I know I could be doing better. If I look at Twitter for example I feel like I have that cracked, especially when I hear a lot of people say they find it the hardest one to do. I have a lot of interaction, likes and retweets on a per tweet basis and my impressions are... impressive. However I do seem to have plateaued on the follower count a bit, and I would like to get some new followers there, but I am not hugely worried about it. If we take a look at my Facebook however well lets just say I am pretty close to ending it all there as no matter what I do I cannot get any interaction, likes or traffic. But its really very little effort to just repost whatever I put on twitter or instagram, on the off chance someone messages me once a month for a sale. 

One of my more instagramy photos 

Then we arrive at Instagram. Ah, Instagram, why don't you like me? Despite my photography being semi decent, all the hashtags and posting all different times of day for coming up to 4 years, I only have 5000 followers and roughly 100 likes per post, and if I am being honest that hasn't really changed in 2 years. Instagram is my measuring stick for everything too. I regularly check my competitors follow count against my own, I measure how well a new piece goes down on likes there,  how many comments it receives, I don't even take into account what happens on the other platforms. I get a lot of traffic from Instagram, so I know it is important to keep it up. So why don't I get the love I deserve? Is it because I don't curate my feed? I think my photos individually are good, it is just sometimes a bit hodgepodge on there. Occasionally there have been times that I have semi curated it, and it appeared to have worked in ways of more likes and more followers or I pyschologically tricked myself into believe it had. Either way, I was more at peace with my situation.

Problem is, that is quite a lot of work to keep up and I do not have the eye for perfect flat lays, or the staging area? Where do you go to learn how to do this? I cannot even remember what I was looking at, but Makelight popped up and I thought hey you know what, it is the new year, I got a bit of free time so I might give this a go. They offer a 5 day free course on how to make your Instagram a better place for business, blogger or personal.  So I will cover the 5 free parts of the course over blog posts for you to show you how I get on.

A big fave on instagram, marble background, pins, when I am doing it right! 

Makelight asked me firstly to write down my answers to all these questions, and then question those answers some more and keep probing until I get to the root of the problem or question. In fact they suggested asking why '5 times' although I am going to say I don't think these questions are that deep so I haven't done them five times, but I did answer honestly.

What are you mainly using Instagram for at the moment?

To promote My jewellery business. Why (x1) Because I believe IG to be a good social media tool to showcase my goods. Why (x2) Because it is image based and my jewellery is pretty much image based? Why (x3) Because it is?

What do you like about your Instagram stream?
That sometimes it is colourful and fun, and that it shows off my best work to customers, the small business community etc. (Why x1) This isn't a why question

What do you want to use your Instagram stream to achieve?
To showcase my skills, work and products in a aesthetically pleasing way, and overall to create revenue for my business. Why? x1 I think we know the answer here!

What is the audience that you want to attract?
People who are interested in design, jewellery, fashion, small businesses, and who are likely to want to spend their disposable income in my store Why? x1 Again so I can run a successful and profitable business!

A photo I did on the hop that I wasn't expecting to go down very well, but got LOADS of likes?!

OK, so that was easier than I anticipated. I think really that was for people who post holiday pictures and pet pictures with their business pictures and maybe thats not for the best? I know my goals here. Makelight then asks me to take a picture of my current Instagram stream so we can do a before and after. Now I know that things on the stream are in a bit of a state. Its January sales, I don't have a lot of new content at the moment, and in fact the reason things are in the sale is because they are old, I don't sell a lot of them anymore, and I don't even really like a lot of the designs anymore. I have evolved. So this isn't really typical of my stream. I won't cheat, but I will do a when I really like it and it had some sense or organisation and uniformity, and what is happening right now for you. 

One of my better months

How it looks today

I really liked it when there was a mix of lilacs, reds and whites. Today there is just mishmash and I don't like it. I think that I would like to curate a more colourful feed than just white and marble really, that is more fitting to my brand?

Lastly, Makelight ask you to do a short exercise, which I assumed would be do a flat lay or something but it was actually just answering some questions honestly about your photography and what you aim to get out the course. There is also a Facebook community which I will join, and the option for some paid courses which I am going to check out. I am excited to see what the next sessions bring! In the mean time, I am going to try and curate my feed with consistent pictures using bright backgrounds and see what happens. You can follow my Instagram here, and be sure to leave your links below in the comments and I will follow back! 

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  1. All the stuff that you have designed and posted for us are no doubt really beautiful and worth to see. And I am looking forward to visiting your Instagram page for more ideas. Thanks


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