About Charlotte

My name is Charlotte and I run UK acrylic laser cut jewellery company Black Heart Creatives. At The end of 2012 I gave up my career in complaints and telecoms and moved away from my home of London to the Cotswolds with my new husband. When I got married in October 2012 I really got into crafts and jewellery making. I hand made all my wedding invites and tables decorations, even down to my table favours which were out of acrylic thanks to the use of my Father in Laws laser cutter. It was then I started thinking about all the pieces of jewellery I could make. 

When we moved down to the countryside I was able to put my designs that had been in my head into practice on the machine, and Black Heart Creatives was born literally overnight!  

I love writing and have blogged on many platforms for the past 15 years and had several different blogs, including a music/zine, crafting and plus size fashion and lifestyle blog.  Reality Surrounding started in 2009 and was a mixture of plus size blogging, lifestyle, feminism and opinion pieces.  When Black Heart Creatives started I started a new craft blog to work along side the business, but it never really seemed to fit with what I was doing.  So the two were merged, and changed its name to Black Heart Creatives Blog, to create what you see today. 

I don't write about them much anymore on my blog but you can see me talk about plus size issues on my Twitter (which has been called hilarious and thriving and no I am not above retweeting or telling you about praise like this, enjoy the thirst) and places like StylefruitsBustle and Buzzed and have been featured in the Daily Mail and Now Magazine. 

My other passion is beauty, cosmetics and skin care and I have worked with several brands including Kiehls Sourz, Bleach London, Lush, Neals Yard Remedies and The Marriott Hotel. I am happy to receive items and experiences to review as long as they are relevant to me and my blog.  If a post includes a gifted item or an item that is being reviewed this will be fully disclosed at at the end of the post.  All reviews are entirely my own and honest opinions.  Sponsored posts are only accepted under negotiation and will be fully disclosed on the post.  Sorry but I don't accept pre written content.  


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